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  1. Insider Travel Itineraries for 9 Far-Flung CitiesThe typical days and ​play-it-by-ear nights of locals from Lagos, Stockholm, Beijing, Honolulu, Dubai, San Francisco, Bogotá, Bangkok, and Oslo.
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    Go Deeper: What to Read, Watch, and Download Before Visiting BogotáOur list of essentials include the lesser-known novels of Gabriel García Márquez, a Vice documentary, and a hip-rolling psychedelic cumbia band.
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    Cloud Forests, Coffee Haciendas, and Other Ways to Escape BogotáThe city’s chaotic traffic and never-ending sprawl can feel suffocating. But take a short drive and you’re surrounded by Andean greenery.
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    One Night in Bogotá? This Is How You Should Spend ItEating braised cow hump, salsa dancing, and drinking in an old brothel.
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    The Ultimate Street Art Guide to BogotáThis is one of the most graffiti-friendly cities on Earth, but it wasn’t always that way. Local legend CRISP explains.
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    Five Archetypal Bogotán Drinks and Where to Order ThemIncluding Colombian coffee, craft beer, and low-alcohol Andean chicha.
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    All Day and All Night in La Macarena, the Bushwick of BogotáIndie bookshops, innovative restaurants, and raging rumba discos — there’s something for everyone in this bohemian neighborhood.
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    Bogotá’s Art Scene Is on Fire — These Are the Galleries to KnowA clutch of ambitious and experimental projects spread across town.
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    Where Two of Bogotá’s Hottest Chefs Eat Every Meal of the DaySergio Meza’s and Álvaro Clavijo’s top picks for lamb ribs, two-handed sandwiches, and gin-and-salvia sours.
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    How to Shop Like a Local in BogotáAchiote, Afro-Colombian vinyl, or all-natural soap — whatever you’re on the hunt for, here’s where to find it.
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    How to Avoid Other Tourists in BogotáAlternatives to Monserrate, La Candelaria, Andrés Carne de Res, the Museo del Oro, and the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.
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    Where the Locals Would Stay in Bogotá If They Weren’t LocalTraffic in the Colombian city can be a nightmare, so choose your hotel wisely.
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    Week 6: Give It Half a Chance and Bogotá Will Blow Your MindAncestral drinks now appear on tasting menus and old bull rings host concerts, but Bogotá is still its wild self — if you know where to look.
  14. Miami Without Sand in Your ToesAway from the beach and post-Castro, Miami is buzzing and growing.
  15. Panama City, PanamaBars like your friend’s apartment, sobering sancocho.
  16. Mancora, PeruRowdy kite surfers, roving chorizo-pizza trucks.
  17. Find Nordic Cool in the Faroe IslandsThe tiny archipelago technically belongs to Denmark, but its majestic landscape and homegrown creative scene are very much its own.
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  20. The Urbanist’s São Paulo: Talking PointsWant to rile a Paulistano? Broach one of these hot topics.
  21. The Urbanist’s São Paulo: Where to StayWhere the Locals Would Stay
  22. The Urbanist’s São PauloNouveau cachaça bars, boutique hostels, and snake farms.
  23. Medellín Instead of BogotáPerhaps less documented is the sprawling city of Medellín’s recent rise as a design and culinary destination rivaling the design and culinary ca […]
  24. Discover Stunning Wine Country in the Guadalupe ValleyMore than a decade into its winemaking revival, the Napa of Mexico now lives up to its nickname with top-tier hotels and dining.
  25. Reach New Heights in QuitoWith its 500-year-old plazas, growing New Andean food scene, picturesque cloud forests, and snowcapped mountains, Ecuador’s high-altitude capit […]
  26. 44. Because Stefon Is Our City Correspondent.He’s so funny, in fact, that Hader has rarely made it through a sketch without breaking down into muffled giggles.
  27. Go Off the Grid in Playa del CarmenTrade the chaos of Cancun for this relaxed town on the Mayan Riviera, where you can swim in sinkholes and explore stunning archaeological sites.
  28. The Urbanist’s LimaYear-round surfing, archaeological ruins, tsukiji-fresh seafood.
  29. Go Eco-Exploring in GuyanaWith more frequent nonstop flights and an improved selection of jungle lodges, a short trip to the edge of the Amazon is easier than ever.
  30. Swim With Whale Sharks in UtilaHead for this diver’s paradise off the coast of Honduras to spot the rare fish and explore some of the best coral reefs in the world.
  31. Explore an Urban Renaissance in MedellínA slate of dramatic new parks, hotels, and art museums have transformed Colombia’s second-largest city, once a narco-trafficking capital, into o […]
  32. Trek Across Geothermal Landscapes in ReykjavikExploring volcanic formations and soaking in hot springs is more affordable than ever, thanks to a currency collapse and Icelandair’s free stopo […]