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  1. media
    The Skimm Has the Ear of Millions of Women. What Are They Going to Do With It?Seven million people wake up to their newsletter, and their voice, every morning.
  2. profiles
    Red Scare Leans Into NothingA podcast that offers a critique of feminism, and capitalism, from deep inside the culture they’ve spawned.
  3. technoguilt
    The Algorithm Knows Me. So Why Does It Keep Shaming Me?Algorithm shame: the inescapable feeling of being pigeonholed with almost no one to blame but yourself.
  4. the kavanaugh hearings
    Kavanaugh: Such a BrettThe hearing was a grotesque spectacle of prep-school swagger.
  5. The New Yorker Staff Has UnionizedToday, they’re asking editor David Remnick and Condé Nast to voluntarily recognize them as a collective bargaining unit.
  6. power
    Chris Matthews Joked About ‘Bill Cosby Pill’ Before Interviewing Hillary ClintonIn exclusive footage obtained by the Cut, the Hardball host jokes about slipping Hillary Clinton a “Cosby pill” ahead of interviewing her.
  7. profile
    Greta Gerwig Is a Director, Not a Muse“A lot of people think I am from New York. Nothing could be further from the truth.”
  8. select all
    The Woman Targeted by Gamergate on Surviving a World-Altering Trolling AttackZoë Quinn spent much of her life playing and designing games. Then she found herself inside one – a vicious, multiplayer real-time harassment bonanza.
  9. bill cosby trial
    3 Bill Cosby Accusers on His Mistrial and What Comes Next“This was just the dress rehearsal. Round two is coming up.”
  10. the new far right
    Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far RightThe extremely reactionary, burn-it-down-radical, newfangled far right.
  11. cut cover story
    Former Thinx Employee Accuses Miki Agrawal of Sexual HarassmentThe self-styled “She-E.O.” prided herself on breaking taboos. According to some employees, she went too far.
  12. cut cover story
    With Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge Has an Agenda. But Not the One You Think.Her dark, funny show isn’t just another anti-heroine comedy.
  13. women's march 2017
    This Weekend, Protest Moved From Radical to SensibleA dispatch from the Women’s March on Washington.
  14. Inauguration Day in Washington Is Like a Nightmare Twitter ThreadPeople have come from around America to shout at each other.
  15. Inauguration Day in Washington Is Like a Nightmare Twitter ThreadPeople have come from around America to shout at each other.
  16. controversies
    Elena Ferrante’s ‘Unmasking’ Wasn’t the End of the WorldNow we know her name. So what?
  17. How Trump Is Making This Liberal Feel Strangely ConservativeI am suddenly more concerned about the dignity of the country than I’d ever imagined myself to be.
  18. cut cover story
    Miki Agrawal’s Panty RaidThe self-styled tech broad wants to disrupt the tampon industry, turn your time of the month into a cause, and make a lot of money in underwear.
  19. sexual assault
    Bill Cosby’s Accusers Are Helping Pioneer a New Kind of Legal StrategyHow the women have reversed the script.
  20. reasons to love new york
    How My Dentist Taught Me That I Am a New YorkerWhen he told me 80 percent of his clients grind their teeth, I assumed it was a finance thing. It turns out that it might just be a New York thing.
  21. sex on campus
    The Sex Lives of College StudentsAn on-the-ground survey of what it means to be young and in lust (or asexual or aromantic) in 2015.
  22. feature
    35 Bill Cosby Accusers Tell Their StoriesOne by one, they came forward, finding safety in their staggering number and a world that was finally ready to believe them.
  23. winter
    What Made This the Winter of the Canada Goose?The jacket, not the animal. 
  24. the originals
    Playboy Pinups on Meeting the Male GazeModels from Miss March 1954 to Miss January 1979 share what’s empowering about being ogled.
  25. What Do You Really Mean When You Say ‘Basic Bitch’?Pumpkin-spice season is just an excuse for casual misogyny.
  26. 30 People the Internet Needs You to Know A useful cheat sheet for the biggest names on the web.
  27. internet fame
    30 People the Internet Needs You to KnowA useful cheat sheet for the biggest names on the web.
  28. Does a Brooklyn Accent Beat an Automated Announcer?Depends. 
  29. Space Suits Are Part of Artisanal Brooklyn NowWill NASA start shopping in Gowanus?
  30. Intel Noreen Says Good-byeJust plain Noreen now.
  31. Jobs Growth Lower Than Expected, Unemployment SteadyThat’s not good for President Obama.
  32. Which Mitt Romney Portrait Is Creepier?A new challenger for the title!
  33. Jon Corzine’s Cruel, Cruel SummerThe Post says he’s a Hamptons pariah.
  34. terrible excuses
    People Make a Lot of Claims About Coffee’s Benefits and ProblemsHere’s a new one.
  35. Mayor Bloomberg Not a Fan of Puns or His SpeechwritersWho wrote this sh-t?”
  36. San Diego Bay Set Off All Its Fireworks at OnceOops.
  37. Fourth of July Boating Accident Leaves Three DeadOn Long Island Sound.
  38. Important Kim Kardashian NewsIMPORTANT.
  39. U.S. Government Wants Us to Know Mermaids Aren’t RealReally makes you want to celebrate America’s birth!
  40. The City Is Worried About Our AC Installation SkillsInstead of rain, it’s falling ACs.”
  41. This Weather Is What Global Warming Looks LikeHope you’re enjoying it!
  42. These Dogs Live Better Than YouNo, but really.
  43. McCarren Park Pool Is Now Open for SwimmingSummerrrrrrrrrr.
  44. But What Does the Health-Care Ruling Mean for Broccoli?The justices’ vegetable preoccupation.
  45. Alec Baldwin Is Texting His Wedding InvitationsHe got the idea from Emily Post’s Guide to Weddings for Paranoids
  46. Rielle Hunter’s Tell-All Food DiaryHer life, in room-service receipts.
  47. Rich People Will Get a Better View of NYC Fourth of July FireworksAmerica!
  48. Nora Ephron, 1941-2012She was the ultimate Nora Ephron character.
  49. Nora Ephron Is Gravely IllWhich we know because Liz Smith pre-published her obituary.
  50. Rielle Hunter on The View: ‘I’m Not a Big Believer in Infidelity’Oh, is that so?
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