Sarah Miller

  1. first person
    The Best Abortion EverIn the rural county where I live, it used to be impossible to get an abortion. The year I was 41, I needed two of them.
  2. spreadsheets
    There’s a New Google Doc of Media MenThe Mild-Mannered Men in Media List has been revealed.
  3. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Cat Refrigerator Scene in The Secret Life of PetsChloe the Cat’s relationship to roasted chicken is a mirror of my relationship to all desire.
  4. movie review
    Sing Is Charming Enough, But Is There a Reason It Has Animals?It’s another formulaic Illumination film.
  5. challenges
    Could You Go 40 Days Without Being Mean?An experiment in being nice — or, as the yogis call it, “medium-soft.”
  6. college week
    Meet the Man Telling Colleges How to Fix Their Rape ProblemAttorney Brett Sokolow has been busy lately.