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  1. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Working and What Rhymes With AmericaPlus What Rhymes With America.
  2. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Hearts Like Fists and PS Jones“Cheeky, dorky, delectable comic-book theater is alive and well.”
  3. stage dive
    Theater Review: Glengarry Glen Ross Is Selling Its Stars HardPacino in middle-register Hoo-wah, and John McGinley flashing his canines.
  4. 41. Because Chicago Theater Is Our Farm Team.“I want two eggs and a full stack of pancakes—I want the Big Boy Special,” Tracy Letts informs the waitress in his flannelly baritone, “because […]
  5. 40. Because It’s Finally a Good Time to Be a Young Playwright.Shocking news, pessimists: The state of playwriting here in New York City, commercial and literary heart of American theater, is strong. Very st […]
  6. stage dive
    Theater Review: Clifford Odets’s Golden BoyGreat musical palookaspeak.
  7. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Piano Lesson and We Are ProudPiano is the Depression-era entry in Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle.
  8. year in culture 2012
    Vulture’s TV, Movie, and Theater Critics Choose Their Best Performances of 2012One of them is a terrorist.
  9. Theater Review: David Mamet’s The Anarchist“Something extremely simple is being said in the most luxuriantly gnomic academese available.”
  10. year in culture 2012
    Scott Brown’s Top 10 Theater Picks of 2012Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Death of a Salesman, and more.
  11. Stage Performance of the YearShuler Hensley, The Whale
  12. stage dive
    Theater Review: Dead Accounts“What Rebeck has learned from her time in Hollywood, it seems to me, is that audiences are stupid.”
  13. stage dive
    Theater Review: Giant and Golden ChildMid-twentieth century Texas and 1918 China, onstage.
  14. stage dive
    Theater Review: A Christmas Story — The Musical Is a True GiftThe charming musical adaptation honors everyone’s holiday staple. And yes, there’s a number called “You’ll Put Your Eye Out.”
  15. stage dive
    Theater Review: Roman TragediesDirector-provocateur Ivo van Hove’s in an unmissable experience.
  16. stage dive
    Theater Review: Charisma Nearly Overcomes Camp in ScandalousCarolee Carmello is a disproportionate force in this hokey bio-musical with lyrics by Kathie Lee Gifford (!).
  17. scott brown
    Theater Review: The PerformersA play about porn that never gets off.
  18. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Off-Broadway RoundupMies Julie, Ivanov, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and Emotional Creature.
  19. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Mystery of Edwin DroodA pretty thin show — within a pretty good show.
  20. stage dive
    Theater Review: Richard Nelson’s Sorry Is a Near-Religious ExperienceAlso, Anthony LaPaglia as Nixon in Checkers.
  21. stage dive
    Theater Review: AnnieGreat Recession, great Annie.
  22. stage dive
    Theater Review: Communing With a 600-Pound Man in The WhaleShuler Hensley, big star.
  23. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Heiress Can’t Make Jessica Chastain a MouseAnd Tracee Chimo makes for a mesmerizing monster in Bad Jews.
  24. reality check
    Hurricane Sandy Was the Attack on NYC that Blockbusters Never Prepared Us ForAfter years of being accustomed by Hollywood to the idea of loud, explosive Death From Above, this disaster seeped in from below.
  25. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupTwo plays and a Sleep No More–type experience.
  26. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Who Has the Right to Kick Islam (or Any Religion) Around?On two Off Broadway plays that deal with Islamofascism and Islamophobia.
  27. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupHelen & Edgar, Don’t Go Gentle, Him, and Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812.
  28. stage dive
    Theater Review: Blood PlayAn inverted Virginia Woolf, a night besotted with darkness and drink where virtually nothing honest is spoken aloud — until the final, fatal malediction.
  29. stage dive
    Theater Review: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?It can’t shock the way it once did, but it sure does land its punches.
  30. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupHarper Regan and The Old Man and the Old Moon.
  31. stage dive
    Theater Review: Cyrano de Bergerac“When, I ask, will we get a youth-driven big-ticket revival?”
  32. Flimflam ForeverWhy a shady production should give Broadway romantics hope.
  33. stage dive
    Review: Onstage, Jerry Seinfeld Shows He’s the Anti-LouieKicking off his five-borough stand-up tour, his family-man whines were funny in a sepia-toned throwback kind of way.
  34. stage dive
    Theater Review: Grace Plays on a Critic’s Good GracesPaul Rudd, Michael Shannon, and Ed Asner are eminently watchable in a flawed play.
  35. Detroit’s FinestIs Sarah Sokolovic theater’s next great actress?
  36. theater reviews
    The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupMarry Me a Little, Paris Commune, Hamlet, and Ten Chimneys
  37. stage dive
    Scott Brown: In Praise of the Broadway ShysterThe truly weird Rebecca collapse makes our theater critic feel all warm inside.
  38. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupAn Enemy of the People and Through the Yellow Hour.
  39. stage dive
    Theater Review: An All-Consuming HabitAn eight-hour play that swallows its actors alive.
  40. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Weekend RoundupDetroit, Sounding Beckett, and If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.
  41. stage dive
    Theater Review: Athol Fugard’s The Train Driver“The strength of parable and a brief length to match.”
  42. stage dive
    Theater Review: Chaplin: The Musical“Earnest, on-the-nose, and exhaustively idiot-proofed.”
  43. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Weekend Roundup: Forbidden Broadway and Mary BroomeGo see some theater this weekend, why don’t ya?
  44. stage dive
    Theater Review: Sam Shepard’s Heartless“If you thought the RNC was an endless parade of sociopaths, mountebanks, and paranoiac mutterers, wait until you get a load of this.”
  45. stage dive
    The Stage Dive Weekend Roundup: Two Shakespeares and a FooteHarrison, TX, Richard III, and Coriolanus
  46. stage dive
    Theater Review: Into the Woods Is a Strange, Awkward, Flawed SuccessThis whole operation feels a little buried in its own footprint. Yet the cumulative result is inescapably magical.
  47. stage dive
    Theater Review: Woody Harrelson’s Bullet for Adolf“A long, wet, occasionally musical fart unsphinctered in a crowded theater.”
  48. stage dive
    Stage Dive: In Paris Makes Good Use of Baryshnikov’s Wry CharismaThis May-December romance set in the shadow of Red October ends Sunday. So get on it!
  49. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Unexpected Charms of Bring It On: The MusicalReally, really unexpected charms.
  50. 53 Minutes With Kenny LogginsA stop on the cash-cow, post-fame secret-concert circuit with the eighties balladeer.
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