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Best Doctors: The 2012 List

The Top 1,251 Physicians

Twenty-three years ago, New York introduced what would become one of its most enduringly popular features: the peer-selected “Best Doctors in New York” list. Its basic appeal doesn’t require much explanation: What better way to find a doctor, when you need one, than consulting the compiled opinions of 50,000 or so local medical professionals?


	Zohydro How Much Does It Hurt?

Zohydro is the new FDA-approved painkiller that some doctors think the FDA had no business approving. And in ERs across America, they’re anxiously awaiting the fallout.

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How Jacobi Medical Center responded to the Chinatown charter-bus accident.


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A new–to–New York gadget promises an honest assessment.

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When Looking for a Lawyer, Go With Your Gut

"If the chemistry between you is not right, it's not going to work."