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Best Doctors: The 2012 List

The Top 1,300 Physicians

Our annual listing of the top physicians in every specialty.


	Zohydro Meet the Internet’s Most Famous Pimple-Popping Dermatologist

Sandra Lee was a run-of-the-mill California doctor. Then she started filming as she exploded her patients’ pimples.


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HospitalsA Harvard Nutritionist Gives You Permission to Drink 5 Cups of Coffee a Day

Coffee science is the best science.


BusWhat It’s Like to Slowly Lose Your Eyesight

Watching the darkness close in for years and years.


Sleep3 Reasons Why Scientists Can’t Seem to Agree About Alcohol and Pregnancy

Some concerning methodology issues pervade this type of research.


65Insights From a Scientist Who Is Trying to Slow the Aging Process

Secrets from the science of longevity.


XanaxMeet a Doctor With the Almost-Superpower of Mirror-Touch Synesthesia

When Salinas performs a spinal tap on a patient, he can feel the needle going into his own lower back.


hospitalsWhy We Need a Better Way to Treat Chronic Pain

The current method — the pain-intensity scale — may have contributed to the opioid addiction epidemic, argue some pain-perception experts.

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