We interrupt the news of shuttering institutions — Carnegie Deli, BookCourt, Other Music — to bring you our annual “Best of New York” roundup. The list continues to spotlight the most impressive new (or under-the-radar) shops, restaurants, and services — shoemakers, calzone bakers, and Elvis impersonators among them. And as always, it draws on our obsessive, year-round coverage of the city’s retail- and food-scape as well as the wisdom of our in-the-know associates.


Beef-Fat Potatoes, Transporting Fish Stew, and Indian Egg Toast


Grown-up Dancing, Elvis Impersonators, Fancy Fernet


Hefty Sweatpants, Alt Marimekko, Bronx Couture


Brow Tats, IMAX Workouts, the Drybar of Hair Color


Long-Lasting Dahlias, Bespoke Lampshades, a Cheesecake Engraver