Every year, we go through the ritual of rounding up the best dishes to order, shops to peruse, cocktails to drink, and handy people to hire. And every year, even as we mourn a few losses (farewell, Saltie sandwiches; so long, Hi-Fi bar), we marvel at all the ways New York manages to be much more than a bunch of banks and Duane Reades. This year’s best-of list includes a pop-up party in a preschool, a vintage shop selling Monstera plants and retro lace slips from South Florida, and a particularly delicious saltwater-boiled cauliflower head. And for those who just want the best new burger, house cleaner, and facialist, we’ve got those too.


Grandma Pizza, Roman Ribs, and Tangy Crispy Beef


A Roving Rave, a Hidden Movie Theater, and a Trinidadian Brewery


Hotel-Quality Sheets, Palm Beach Trinkets, and Streetwear for Toddlers


Pregnant Workouts, a Keratin Alternative, and a Tell-It-Like-It-Is Astrologer


24-Hour Sansevieria Delivery, Custom Consoles, and Clog Repairs