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Wolff Olins
Mike Benson, Christian Butte, Jenny Eggers, and Tiziana Haug
Actual message on that phone number’s voice-mail:
“Hi, I’m either on the other line or riding a roller coaster, eating ribs, getting custom window treatments, planning a blind date, waxing my armpits, learning Chinese, or replacing my furniture. While you’re waiting for a call back, you might want to try some stuff on the ‘Best of New York’ list, too.”


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So what exactly does “best” mean in a city with thousands of pizza joints, hundreds of celebrity masseuses, and museum-worthy concept shops on every corner? Well, in the case of this, our annual “Best of New York” roundup, there’s a heavy emphasis on what’s new or what has somehow remained virtually unheard of (until now, of course).