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Best of New York 2014


If Yelp is coming up short in your quest for the city’s tastiest rum cocktail, or a trusted framer to handle your piece of the Hindenburg, or a place to rent a tortoise for the afternoon, then good news: It’s that time of year again. For our annual “Best of New York” roundup, we’ve once more combed the town and harassed opinionated colleagues, industry experts, and friends who stay out later than we do. As is the case every year, we placed a heavy emphasis on stores, restaurants, and nightclubs that opened in the past 12 months. Of course, no matter how thoroughly we vetted these spots, this list is completely and entirely subjective. You may have a different favorite laser hair remover. Our winning condiment may only be third on your list. Air your grievances.

Contributors: Julie Earle-Levine, Randi Eichenbaum, Jason Feifer, Matthew Giles, Ashlea Halpern, Kathleen Hou, Maura Kutner Walters, Thessaly La Force, Jenny Miller, Rebecca Milzoff, Lilly O’Donnell, John Ortved, Andrew Parks, Rob Patronite, Adam Platt, Robin Raisfeld, Margaret Rhodes, Kayleen Schaefer, Celia Shatzman, Jessica Silvester, Raven Snook, Benjamin Solomon, Alexis Swerdloff, Alan Sytsma, Max Thorn, ­Sierra Tishgart, Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, Fiorella Valdesolo, Mary Jane Weedman, Emma Whitford.

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So what exactly does “best” mean in a city with thousands of pizza joints, hundreds of celebrity masseuses, and museum-worthy concept shops on every corner? Well, in the case of this, our annual “Best of New York” roundup, there’s a heavy emphasis on what’s new or what has somehow remained virtually unheard of (until now, of course).