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Best of New York 2007 • Health & Self

Waxing by Zone

The kindest places for the toughest parts.

Illustration by McKibillo  
  • 1. LIP

  • Completely Bare Spa

    764 Madison Ave., 212-717-9300

    Owner Cindy Barshop uses a gentle wax mixed with lavender and citrus, and trains her staff to pull at a particularly sharp angle to minimize stretching the lip. There’s minimal redness, even with the most sensitive skin, and no post-treatment breakouts. ($19).


  • Susan Ciminelli, Bergdorf Goodman

    754 Fifth Ave., ninth fl., 212-872-2650

    The answer for those who over-tweeze: Lali Mikhelashvili corrects your shape, and then tints brows with semi-permanent dye to give them a fuller look as they recuperate ($65 for shaping, $35 for tinting).

  • 3. ARMPIT

  • Kimara Ahnert

    1113 Madison Ave., 212-452-4252

    Lidia Tivichi takes a concerned, focused approach to this tricky area; she pays close attention to temperature, and the wax goes on and comes off with lightning speed. The sting is fleeting, and you’re out in fifteen minutes or less ($36).


  • Bliss49 at the W Hotel

    541 Lexington Ave., 212-219-8970

    With many Brazilians, you’re naked from the waist down and put into embarrassing positions. The Bliss staff eases those anxieties by giving you relatively demure disposable panties to wear and not requiring circuslike poses ($70).

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