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Best of New York 2007 • Health & Self

Stretch to Fit

In the ever-expanding world of New York yoga, there’s a studio to address every personality.


  • Om Yoga Center

    826 Broadway, 212-254-9642

    Pluses: Big, bright studios; classes that often mix various types of yoga; showers.
    Minuses: A lot of in-class chatting and question-and-answer sessions; teachers tend to talk about their personal lives.
    Star teachers: Christie Clark, founder Cyndi Lee, Frank Mauro, Margi Young.
    Cost per class: $18.


  • The Shala

    815 Broadway, 212-979-9988

    Pluses: Minimal chanting and lecturing, morning Mysore-style Ashtanga, a real community feeling (the Shala organizes retreats and trips to tropical destinations), good challenging Vinyasa classes.
    Minuses: Cramped dressing rooms, no showers, two unisex bathrooms.
    Star teachers: Founders Barbara Verrochi and Kristin Leigh, ex-Jivamuktis Kelly Morris and Cliff Schuman.
    Cost per class: $17.


  • Dharma Yoga Center

    297 Third Ave., 212-889-8160

    Pluses: Dharma Mittra, a 67-year-old yogi who can stand on his head with no hands, teaches a two-hour advanced class Monday through Thursday. Expect twenty forearm stands in the first hour.
    Minuses: Cramped dressing rooms, one bathroom, scary-looking shower.
    Star teacher: Dharma Mittra.
    Cost per class: from $13.


  • Kula Yoga Project

    28 Warren St., 212-945-4460

    Pluses: Excellent Vinyasa classes, minimal lecturing; candlelit evening classes; young vibe.
    Minuses: No shower, and the studio can quickly go from cozy to claustrophobic.
    Star teachers: Studio director Schuyler Grant, David Regelin.
    Cost per class: $17.


  • Bikram Yoga Soho

    150 Spring St., 646-613-1674

    Pluses: The studio is heated to about 105, so you will lose at least a pound of water weight. Simple classes make it good for beginners.
    Minuses: Drink a bottle of water before, during, and after class or you will get a dehydration headache. There’s a mad dash for the three tiny showers in the tiny locker rooms.
    Star teacher: Raffael Pacitti.
    Cost per class: $20.

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