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Best of New York 2014 • Health & Self

Best Piercer

  • J. Colby Smith, New York Adorned

    47 Second Ave., at 3rd St.; 212-473-0007

    Piercer J. Colby Smith has kept a low profile for most of his nine years at ink parlor New York Adorned. But, thanks to his popular Instagram feed, @jcolbysmith, he’s recently grown quite a following. His hypercustomized piercings (from $30) take into consideration your style as well your ear’s (or navel’s or nipple’s) particular shape; only after a thorough assessment does Smith suggest you go with a stud rather than a hoop for that part of your anatomy you never knew had a name like “daith,” “tragus,” or “conch.” Fortunately, the idea of puncturing those parts seems a lot less ominous in Smith’s sage presence, which is no doubt part of the draw for clients that include fashion editors, Scarlett Johansson, and (as Smith puts it cryptically) “royalty.” That, and the fact that the shop’s in-house designs—rose-gold hoops ($50) or a gold stud with a black diamond ($150)—are at once exquisite and tough.

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