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Best Dyke Night

Eden at the Union Square Lounge
30 E. 16th St., at Union Sq. W. 212-645-1802
Promoter Maggie Collier recently moved her weekly girl party from the meatpacking district to Union Square and found a sweet spot between the “It”-destination feel of a club and the inviting vibe of a neighborhood bar—not to mention the fact that you can stumble out of Union Square Lounge in stilettos and land on one of the major subway lines. Fabulous, fashiony, ladder-climbing lesbians (not unlike those found on a certain Showtime show) are flocking to Eden on Wednesday nights for chill, subtly cruisy fun. House D.J. shErOck (yes, that’s how she writes her name) and her always-funky hair reigns over the proceedings—playing house music and Afro-soul while the room gets warmed up, then switching to remixes of the Jackson 5, Britney, and Kanye after midnight. And the center of the lounge is dominated by ottoman-style benches, perfect for mingling and talking when you’re not dancing.


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