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Best Bulk Dry-Cleaning

  • Lincoln Terrace Cleaners

    149 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 66th St.; 212-874-3066; 1406 Second Ave., nr. 74th St.; 212-288-8181

    When you have to send out your whole closet in one go—your contractor forgot to bag your clothes before construction on your apartment, you’re hauling a bunch of clothes out of storage, or (God forbid) the word “bedbugs” has entered into your life—this is the place to call. Lincoln Terrace will pick up big orders from Manhattan for free and give you a bulk discount (15 to 20 percent on 80 pieces or more; most places offer 5 to 10 percent); they have a Manhattan plant, so you don’t lose half a week’s transit time to and from a far-flung corner of Jersey. Turnaround is two or three days for most big orders, sometimes faster. You may not get the full discount for items that need intensive care, like those with smoke damage or bedbug infestation, but Lincoln Terrace will still take the job—unlike a lot of other places that hang up when you mention the dreaded double-Bs.

From the 2012 Best of New York issue of New York Magazine

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