People are at the heart of everything we do. See what makes our talent so special.

Our Team

Audience Development: We engage with and grow the number of people who read and subscribe to our products. New York Media is growing more now than ever before, and our team combines our eye for data analytics and our passion for marketing to understand and develop on-going relationships with our core audience.

Strategic Development: We’re leading New York Media’s growth by looking for new and exciting ways to connect our audience with our content and products. Our team combines analytical thinking with creative problem solving to anticipate and execute on programs critical to New York Media’s future.

eCommerce: We know the Internet is a big place, so we dedicate our time to helping our audience find great products that we can stand behind. Our team is fueled by our obsessions with finding the best online deals, discovering new products and brands, and sharing our discoveries with our users. We work strategically with affiliate partners and other publishers to support and power our Strategist brand and eCommerce initiatives in order to connect with our audience in a new way.

Communications: We help people understand our products and goals. We’re passionate about everything New York Media does and help share what we do with the world.

Design: New York has always been known for excellent and inventive design, starting with our iconic logo. That tradition has carried over into our digital brands, where design needs to be both distinctive and highly functional. We pride ourselves in continuing to innovate in design while creating elegant, easy-to-use digital experiences.

Editorial: Groundbreaking journalism is at the core of everything New York Media does. Our team strikes the perfect balance of content that’s smart and funny so that our readers know everything they need to know to navigate a fast-moving culture, whether that’s up-to-date information on political events, cultural developments, fashion trends, or the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Facilities: We build and maintain the collaborative spaces that New York Media uses to create indispensable content. We keep the office running smoothly so that other teams can focus on building products to engage with our audience.

Finance: We’re passionate about New York Media and are dedicated to ensuring that it can continue to grow in the future. We analyze the business for areas of success and opportunity, and we advise other teams to help meet and exceed our goals.

Human Resources: We know that people are our most important asset. Strongly connected to everything New York Media does, our team is dedicated to finding the right people to work here and creating an engaging culture in which they can grow and collaborate.

Product Management: Our team analyzes and creates the platforms that connect New York Media’s content with our audience. We’re adept problem-solvers and visionaries who can transform creative ideas into successful products.

Production: Our team guides the process of publishing the stories New York Media creates from initial concept to final delivery for multimedia platforms. We’re dedicated to analyzing and executing on the best methods to share New York Media’s content with the world.

Sales & Marketing: New York Media’s products are the perfect platforms to connect our readers with brands they’ll love. We’re passionate about working with our clients to help them find and create the best advertising and custom content solutions, and the marketing partnerships we build help enable New York Media’s growth.

Technology: Managing multimedia products that millions of people use every day is important work, and our team is dedicated to making sure that everything New York Media creates is efficient and accessible. We enable other teams at New York Media to streamline their work and help our audience engage easily with our products.

Types of Opportunities