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Week of September 2, 2002

Sosa Borella
Sosa Borella has thrived in the shadows of remote western Tribeca for seven years, feeding the neighborhood an inspired array of lunchtime sandwiches and a hearty Italian-Argentine menu at night. This week, owners Jorge and Stacey Sosa bring that formula to a theater-district triplex outfitted with a balcony, a patio garden, two bars, and a lounge. Expect bruschetta topped with Argentine sausage, garlic shrimp, an Atkins-friendly emphasis on meat, and three kinds of chimichurri, the herby Argentine national condiment.
Sosa Borella
832 Eighth Avenue, near 50th Street
· Cuisine: Italian-Argentine

As a Park Slope resident and the owner of Loki Lounge, Germán Montaña knew exactly the sort of restaurant the booming Fifth Avenue strip was lacking: "an unpretentious place with a true Brooklyn vibe." So he gutted a bodega and a shoe store to build Q'Ori (Quechua for "gold"), where he offers the well-fed neighborhood a raw-bar alternative to the nearby Blue Ribbon, plus tapas and a menu that roams freely to the Mediterranean, South America, and the Pacific Rim. Prices range from $3 for roasted peppers or bocconcini to $28 for specials. "And we're open Mondays--no one else around here is."
206 Fifth Avenue, at Union Street, Park Slope
· Cuisine: Continental

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
The acclaimed outer-borough ice-cream parlor has spawned a Manhattan satellite street cart selling scoops of superlative chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla outside Pershing Square restaurant through the end of September.
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
90 East 42nd Street
· Cuisine: Ice Cream

As the raw-food movement gains momentum, this chainlet expands with a third branch, serving its signature vegan, organic, uncooked versions of pasta, falafel, and pecan pie.
353 East 78th Street
· Cuisine: Vegan


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Photos: Joe Scafuro, Carina Salvi

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