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Week of November 18, 2002

Pressing Concern
The appropriately named Autumn Stoscheck took a break from her trees last year, leaving Littletree Orchards in Newfield, New York, for a trip to England, where she visited a few cideries, took classes, and came home to open Eve's Cidery. A year later, her fruity, mildly alcoholic concoctions-Eve's Peach Apple, Montmorency Cherry Apple, Bittersweet Apple, Sparkling Apple-are finding their way to Manhattan shelves. Watch the Greenmarket for the truckful of wine bottles with playful labels (designed by Stoscheck) depicting Garden of Eden scenes.
Available Fridays at Union Square and Saturdays at the Farmer's Market in Rockefeller Center; from $8 a bottle.


Ask Gael
I want a lunch sopt that's discreet and delicious.
At the moment, lunch at Lutèce could not be more discreet, but that might not last given the lure of the remarkable $29 prix fixe. On first visit, I was so spooked by chef David Feau's foie gras smothered in semisweet-chocolate sauce, I fled. But as a congenital tightwad, I can't pass up a bargain. So voilà. There are still faces familiar from André Soltner's Lutèce, though the garden, all muffled in beige, is a shock-severe but soothing, good for gossip and seduction. Chef Feau strives and sometimes strains: His smartly mounted carpaccio tasting is provocative and mostly rewarding. Lush nubbins of caramelized duck on circlets of black radish are odd as a starter (with a bit more duck, it could be an entrée). A chic salmon fillet floats in a creamy vegetable blanquette, and a scattering of veggies makes a wonderful foil for cabbage-wrapped halibut. Yogurt crème brûlée is a reach that definitely pleases.
249 East 50th Street

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Photos: Joe Scafuro and Patrik Rytikangas

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