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diArticles feed for di, 21 Nov 2018 20:35:09 GMT for Node.jsmississippi,2018 midterms,racism,cindy hyde-smith,voter suppression,mike espyfacebook,mark zuckerberg,the zucctwitter,research,regulation,facebook,politics,technologycensus,appropriations,mueller investigation,government shutdown,border wall,donald trump,homeland security,democrats,continuing resolution,politicstrump tweets,saudi arabia,president trumptechnology,business,linkedinlatinos,alexandria ocasio-cortez,socialism,conservatives,politics,fearmatt whitaker,the national interest,robert mueller,donald trump,politics,top storydonald trump,ticket-splitting,2018 midterms,jon tester,larry hogan,ideology,civil rights movement,conservative movement,charlie baker,2016 elections,phil scott,politics,2020 elections,joe manchinsenate runoff,mississippi,confederate states of america,2018 midterms,civil rights movement,racism,civil war,cindy hyde-smith,donald trump,ku klux klan,neo-confederacy,reconstruction,jefferson davis,politics,mike espydepartment of justice,robert mueller,obstruction of justice,hillary clinton,impeachment,donald trump,politics,fbi,don mcgahn,james comeyfirst step act,prison reform,sentencing reform,chuck grassley,mitch mcconnell,mike lee,mass incarceration,house democrats,donald trump,criminal justice reform,jared kushner,politics,john kennedytwitter,thanksgiving,select all,internet culture,memes,technologypolitics,2020 elections,vision 2020,richard ojeda,west virginiascam,select all,technology,gofundme,scamssaudi arabia,the national interest,donald trump,jamal khashoggi,politics,top storysocial media,life in pixels,privacy,technology,misinformation,new york magazine,select all,facebook,mark zuckerbergthe economy,the stock market,businessmemes,select all,technology,twittertumblr,apps,select all,technology,child porn<![CDATA[This Is Not an Accident]]>, 21 Nov 2018 18:50:40 GMT

Cindy Hyde-Smith took time during Tuesday night’s senatorial debate in Jackson, Mississippi, to read an apology from her notes. “For anyone that was offended by my comments, I certainly apologize,” she said. “There was no ill will, no intent whatsoever in my statements.” She was referring to More »]]>Zak Cheney-Ricemississippi2018 midtermsracismcindy hyde-smithvoter suppressionmike espy<![CDATA[Mark Zuckerberg Is Done Apologizing to You]]>, 21 Nov 2018 17:56:31 GMTMark Zuckerberg is getting feistier. The past couple of years have seen Zuckerberg on an apology tour, reckoning with the vast reach of his platform, Facebook, and how it was and is being used by foreign governments to manipulate vast groups of people and violate user privacy. Throughout the long-running...More »]]>Brian Feldmanfacebookmark zuckerbergthe zucc<![CDATA[New Study Indicates Silicon Valley’s Elite Are Not As Liberal As They Think]]>, 21 Nov 2018 17:36:33 GMTOver the last few months, a number of tech elites have suggested that Silicon Valley is a very liberal place. Testifying before Congress earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg called the tech industry “a very left-leaning place.” Similarly, Jack Dorsey told CNN, “We need to constantly show that we...More »]]>Mack DeGeurintwitterresearchregulationfacebookpoliticstechnology<![CDATA[Yet Again, Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over His Precious Wall]]>, 21 Nov 2018 16:12:43 GMT

It’s the week of Thanksgiving Day, but it feels like Groundhog Day in Washington. With the midterm elections over (except for a couple of unresolved House races), a lame-duck session of Congress will deal with what feels like a very old issue: the president’s threat to veto an...More »]]>Ed Kilgorecensusappropriationsmueller investigationgovernment shutdownborder walldonald trumphomeland securitydemocratscontinuing resolutionpolitics<![CDATA[This Thanksgiving, Donald Trump Is Thankful for the House of Saud]]>, 21 Nov 2018 15:06:23 GMTThe government of Saudi Arabia is deliberately starving the Middle East’s poorest country. One recent estimate suggests that 85,000 children under 5 years old have died from malnutrition as a result of Riyah’s intervention in Yemen’s civil war. If the Saudi’s bombing and blockade continues, Yemen is poised to...More »]]>Eric Levitztrump tweetssaudi arabiapresident trump<![CDATA[The Kids Love LinkedIn and the Stories Format. Now They Can Do Both!]]>, 21 Nov 2018 15:02:32 GMTLinkedIn, the best place to wish people a happy work anniversary and to read posts from people whose job title is “CEO of Myself, Inc.,” is rolling out a new feature: stories!

True, you could post short, disappearing videos on any number of other social networks: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and,...More »]]>Jake Swearingentechnologybusinesslinkedin<![CDATA[Conservatives Fear Latinos and Socialism. They Are Terrified of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.]]>, 21 Nov 2018 14:41:06 GMT

There is an almost refreshing honesty in the right’s treatment of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Rather than conjuring a fake migrant-caravan threat to scare voters or lying about protecting health-care access while gutting it, conservative politicians and their media counterparts have made their disdain for the representative-elect abundantly...More »]]>Zak Cheney-Ricelatinosalexandria ocasio-cortezsocialismconservativespoliticsfear<![CDATA[Trump Hired Whitaker to Lock Up Hillary Clinton]]>, 21 Nov 2018 14:31:16 GMT

At the second presidential debate, Donald Trump pointed at Hillary Clinton and issued a chilling threat. “If I win,” he warned, “I am going to instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception....More »]]>Jonathan Chaitmatt whitakerthe national interestrobert muellerdonald trumppoliticstop story<![CDATA[2018 Midterms Offered More Proof That Split-Ticket Voting Is a Thing of the Past]]>, 21 Nov 2018 11:00:35 GMTThere’s a long-standing conceit in America’s political culture that holds up ticket-splitting as the sign of an intelligent, discerning voter. “I vote for the candidate, not the party” has been the proud boast of many a civically active do-gooder, who regarded straight-ticket voting as the sign of the benighted or...More »]]>Ed Kilgoredonald trumpticket-splitting2018 midtermsjon testerlarry hoganideologycivil rights movementconservative movementcharlie baker2016 electionsphil scottpolitics2020 electionsjoe manchin<![CDATA[Dixieland’s Favorite Senator, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Sported Confederate Garb in 2014]]>, 21 Nov 2018 00:54:04 GMTAfter Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s second racist comment in a very short period of time, I suggested the Republican incumbent in this very Republican state would be favored to win the November 27 special election runoff against Democrat (and African-American) Mike Espy “unless she goes for the trifecta with...More »]]>Ed Kilgoresenate runoffmississippiconfederate states of america2018 midtermscivil rights movementracismcivil warcindy hyde-smithdonald trumpku klux klanneo-confederacyreconstructionjefferson davispoliticsmike espy<![CDATA[Trump Asked the White House Counsel to Sic DOJ on His Enemies]]>, 20 Nov 2018 23:38:22 GMT

It is exceptionally well-known that the president is either impressively ignorant of, or entirely indifferent towards, all sorts of basic protocols and procedures aimed at keeping federal law enforcement officials on the up-and-up and out of politics. He never, for example, cared a whit about the regulation that led...More »]]>Ed Kilgoredepartment of justicerobert muellerobstruction of justicehillary clintonimpeachmentdonald trumppoliticsfbidon mcgahnjames comey<![CDATA[Will Mitch McConnell Stand Tall for the Lock-Em-All-Up Racists of His Party?]]>, 20 Nov 2018 22:37:45 GMT

Last week Donald Trump signaled that after more than two years of quiet and not-so-quiet obstruction of the most modest, bipartisan legislation relaxing War on Drugs prison and sentencing policies, he’d back legislation his own son-in-law Jared Kushner helped craft and broker between Republican and Senate lawmakers.

The...More »]]>Ed Kilgorefirst step actprison reformsentencing reformchuck grassleymitch mcconnellmike leemass incarcerationhouse democratsdonald trumpcriminal justice reformjared kushnerpoliticsjohn kennedy<![CDATA[Here Is a Good Thanksgiving Prank]]>, 20 Nov 2018 21:26:07 GMTAre you looking for a good way to prank an adult in your life this Thanksgiving? Probably not, because pranks are not in the Thanksgiving spirit (unless you count Thanksgiving’s problematic colonialist origins as a “prank”). But here is a prank anyway, one that dates back to 2016 but has...More »]]>Madison Malone Kirchertwitterthanksgivingselect allinternet culturememestechnology<![CDATA[Richard Ojeda Isn’t Like Other Democrats. Is That a Good Thing?]]>, 20 Nov 2018 20:42:39 GMT

In the two weeks since the midterm election, Cory Booker has been making calls to Iowa, and Beto O’Rourke has turned Medium into his LiveJournal. Kamala Harris has aligned herself with top fundraising staff, and Julian Castro has begun meeting with donors. Elizabeth Warren has said it’s...More »]]>Adam K. Raymondpolitics2020 electionsvision 2020richard ojedawest virginia<![CDATA[GoFundMe Scammer Girlfriend Says She Got Scammed, Too]]>, 20 Nov 2018 20:30:02 GMTJust when you thought the saga of the GoFundMe scammers, the homeless guy, and the missing $402,000 couldn’t get any more twisted … it has. To catch you up, last year a woman named Kate McClure claimed she ran out of gas one night and a homeless man named...More »]]>Madison Malone Kircherscamselect alltechnologygofundmescams<![CDATA[Trump Writes Bonkers Defense of Saudi Prince for Murder of Journalist]]>, 20 Nov 2018 19:33:38 GMT

“Saudi Arabia, I get along with all of them,” said Donald Trump as a candidate for office in 2015. “They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.”

Today, the Trump administration released an official presidential More »]]>Jonathan Chaitsaudi arabiathe national interestdonald trumpjamal khashoggipoliticstop story<![CDATA[The Decline and Fall of the Zuckerberg Empire]]>, 20 Nov 2018 19:13:16 GMTMark Zuckerberg isn’t the first person in human history to draw inspiration from Augustus Caesar, the founder of the Roman Empire, but he’s one of a very few for whom the lessons of Augustus’s reign have a concrete urgency. Both men, after all, built international empires before the age of...More »]]>Max Readsocial medialife in pixelsprivacytechnologymisinformationnew york magazineselect allfacebookmark zuckerberg<![CDATA[U.S. Stocks Just Erased All Their 2018 Gains. Here’s Why.]]>, 20 Nov 2018 18:58:43 GMT

The stock market fell out of bed Monday morning. Then, it rolled across the floor, down a staircase, out the front door, and, by noon on Tuesday, had tumbled through an open manhole, plummeted into a sewer — regained consciousness long enough to climb a couple inches toward the light...More »]]>Eric Levitzthe economythe stock marketbusiness<![CDATA[The Hot New Meme Is Blurting Out Real, Dumb Stuff]]>, 20 Nov 2018 18:30:17 GMTWhen I was in high school, I worked a retail job at the local outlet mall. Mostly the work consisted of manning the men’s dress-shirt wall, continually refolding and repinning and restacking to keep everything in order. But sometimes I’d work the cash wrap, a job I thought, naïvely, I...More »]]>Madison Malone Kirchermemesselect alltechnologytwitter<![CDATA[Tumblr Kicked Off App Store Over Child Porn]]>, 20 Nov 2018 17:17:22 GMTTumblr, that platform you maybe forgot anybody was using this side of that whole Yahoo (Oath???)–running-it-into-the-ground thing, was kicked out of the Apple App Store at the end of last week and has yet to return. While the company initially provided little information for the reason behind the sudden...More »]]>Madison Malone Kirchertumblrappsselect alltechnologychild porn

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