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diArticles feed for di, 21 Oct 2016 14:56:38 GMT for Node.jsdonald trump,early and oftenUS House,Donald Trump,Darrell Issa,2016 election,Paul Ryanearly and oftendonald trump,hillary clinton,republicans,2016 election,paul ryanforeign policy,syrian civil war,barack obama,military intervention,hillary clintoncolin kaepernick,nfl,tv ratingsdonald trump,hillary clinton,alex jonessuperstorm sandydonald trump,early and often,sick owns,hillary clinton,third presidential debatedonald trumpnassau county,corruption,long islandcleveland indians,baseball,world seriestrump tv,early and often,hillary clinton,steve bannon,donald trump,third presidential debatedonald trump,james o'keefe,voter fraud,2016 election,debatejoe scarborough,the national interest,donald trump,george w. bush,politics,campaign 2016,al goredonald trump,james o'keefe,2016 election,election fraudearly and often,politicsbanks,wells fargo,crimes and misdemeanorsdonald trump,early and often,politicsearly and often,voting rights<![CDATA[Trump National Political Director ‘Steps Back’ From Campaign Weeks Before the Election ]]>, 21 Oct 2016 14:10:53 GMT

More bad news for the team in Trump Tower. Just 19 days before the election, Jim Murphy, Donald Trump’s national political director, has announced that he will stop participating in the campaign.

In a statement to Politico Murphy made it clear that he had not resigned, but said...More »]]>Charley Lanyondonald trumpearly and often<![CDATA[The Tough Road to a Democratic House]]>, 21 Oct 2016 12:58:38 GMT

While the fight for control of the U.S. Senate has long hung fire, what’s new in the election stretch-run reckoning is the possibility that a generally bad year for Republicans is eroding the previously very high odds the GOP would maintain its majority in the House. Republicans are probably going...More »]]>Ed KilgoreUS HouseDonald TrumpDarrell Issa2016 electionPaul Ryan<![CDATA[A Night of Laughter, Charity, and Boos: The Candidates Struggle to Remain Civil at the Al Smith Charity Dinner]]>, 21 Oct 2016 03:13:55 GMT

Just one day after the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump again shared a stage, this time at the Al Smith Dinner, a tony annual white-tie charity dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The dinner benefits Roman Catholic charities but also serves as a kind...More »]]>Charley Lanyonearly and often<![CDATA[One Sure Thing in the GOP Intra-Party Struggle: The Clinton-Haters Will Win!]]>, 20 Oct 2016 22:30:33 GMT

In the wake of last night’s final presidential debate and the ongoing flight of GOP “insiders” from Donald Trump’s banana-republican refusal to say he will accept the election results, the odds of a post-election “struggle for the soul of the party” have gone up significantly. As noted conservative-watcher Robert Costa...More »]]>Ed Kilgoredonald trumphillary clintonrepublicans2016 electionpaul ryan<![CDATA[The Foreign-Policy Elite Are Extremely Ready for More War in Syria]]>, 20 Oct 2016 21:36:05 GMT

In an election cycle that has pushed American politics to new heights of partisan acrimony, the Washington foreign-policy elite has represented a singular bastion of bipartisan comity. A large segment of the GOP’s neoconservative wing broke with Donald Trump in the early days of his general-election campaign. A significant number...More »]]>Eric Levitzforeign policysyrian civil warbarack obamamilitary interventionhillary clinton<![CDATA[Poll: Anger at Colin Kaepernick Is Driving Down NFL Ratings]]>, 20 Oct 2016 21:24:34 GMT

NFL ratings have been terrible this season and everyone with a stake in the game is trying to figure out why. Among the proposed explanations are cord-cutting, a presidential election that people can’t take their eyes off of, boring games, and overexposure. Now, someone has finally asked the...More »]]>Adam K. Raymondcolin kaepernicknfltv ratings<![CDATA[Alex Jones Makes Trump Look Polite in Debate Meltdown]]>, 20 Oct 2016 21:15:58 GMT

If you though Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during Wednesday’s debate was bad, take a gander at what thick-necked conspiracy theorist Alex Jones had to say about the Democrat. The Trump supporter, who Trump himself has called “amazing,” livestreamed the debate alongside his increasingly reddening...More »]]>Adam K. Raymonddonald trumphillary clintonalex jones<![CDATA[The City’s ‘Build It Back’ Program to Repair Sandy-Damaged Homes Will Miss Its Deadline]]>, 20 Oct 2016 21:15:18 GMT

As the fourth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy approaches, Mayor Bill de Blasio has conceded that the city’s program to rebuild damaged single-family homes – known as Build it Back – will not meet its end-of-2016 deadline.

The mayor wrote, in a letter attached to a Build...More »]]>Jen Kirbysuperstorm sandy<![CDATA[Hillary Clinton’s Debate Performance Was ‘Nasty’ (in a Good Way)]]>, 20 Oct 2016 17:16:06 GMT

Hillary Clinton has spent a lot of time and money arguing that she is a far better role model for America’s youth than Donald Trump is. In making this (incredibly easy) case, Clinton has focused on the mogul’s cruelty, intolerance, and misogyny. But the Democratic nominee’s strongest argument...More »]]>Eric Levitzdonald trumpearly and oftensick ownshillary clintonthird presidential debate<![CDATA[Trump Pledges to Accept ‘Clear’ Election Results, But Reserves His ‘Right to Contest’]]>, 20 Oct 2016 17:06:26 GMT

Less than a day after Donald Trump said he’d keep America in suspense about whether he’ll accept the results of the presidential election, he ended that suspense in a speech today.

“I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all...More »]]>Adam K. Raymonddonald trump<![CDATA[Nassau County Executive and His Wife Arrested in Federal Corruption Probe]]>, 20 Oct 2016 16:13:56 GMT

The latest case of alleged corruption in New York State is out on Long Island, where Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and his wife, Linda, and Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto have reportedly been arrested in a bribery scheme.

Mangano, who’s been in office since 2009,...More »]]>Jen Kirbynassau countycorruptionlong island<![CDATA[The Indians Are Going to the World Series Where There’s Only One Thing Left to Do]]>, 20 Oct 2016 15:24:39 GMT

The city of Cleveland, which was suffering through a 52-year championship drought until the Cavs won the NBA title in June, will get another crack at a crown next Tuesday when the Indians open up the World Series at home.

Last night’s 3-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays, which...More »]]>Adam K. Raymondcleveland indiansbaseballworld series<![CDATA[Did Trump TV Premiere Last Night?]]>, 20 Oct 2016 15:07:26 GMT

“Forget the press — read the internet,” Donald Trump advised supporters in Colorado on Tuesday. “Don’t go for the mainstream media.”

But most Americans — including the Republican nominee — would rather watch their news than read it. And so, as Trump’s campaign staggers toward the finish...More »]]>Eric Levitztrump tvearly and oftenhillary clintonsteve bannondonald trumpthird presidential debate<![CDATA[Here Are 4 Answers Trump Could Have Given to the Question About Accepting the Election Results]]>, 20 Oct 2016 14:59:24 GMT

In baseball, a pitcher “crosses up” the catcher by ignoring the signal and throwing a pitch the catcher is not expecting — often that’s difficult to catch.

From the subsequent mad spinning by his family and staff and leading Republicans, you get the distinct impression Donald Trump “crossed...More »]]>Ed Kilgoredonald trumpjames o'keefevoter fraud2016 electiondebate<![CDATA[Donald Trump Is Not Like Al Gore]]>, 20 Oct 2016 14:51:32 GMT

Even before the third presidential debate made Donald Trump’s refusal to abide by the election outcome the election’s central question, conservatives are already preparing a defense of sorts. Trump’s wild ravings about the rigged election, they insisted, were hardly any different from complaints by various liberals...More »]]>Jonathan Chaitjoe scarboroughthe national interestdonald trumpgeorge w. bushpoliticscampaign 2016al gore<![CDATA[What the New James O’Keefe Videos Show and What They Don’t]]>, 20 Oct 2016 14:36:25 GMT

At last night’s final presidential debate, Donald Trump’s attacks on that “nasty woman” Hillary Clinton featured this reference to James O’Keefe’s two latest “investigative” videos purporting to expose the dark underworld of liberal politics:

“If you look at what came out today on the clips,” he...More »]]>Ed Kilgoredonald trumpjames o'keefe2016 electionelection fraud<![CDATA[Americans Wanted the FCC to Punish CNN for Airing Trump’s Access Hollywood Video]]>, 20 Oct 2016 09:04:00 GMT

Hours after the world first heard Donald Trump and Billy Bush gabbing about sexual assault on an Access Hollywood bus, Republican strategist Ana Navarro shut down fellow CNN panelist Scottie Nell Hughes, who complained that her daughter was being subjected to Navarro’s liberal use of the word “pussy.”

“Will you...More »]]>Margaret Hartmannearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[California Attorney General Begins Wells Fargo Criminal Probe]]>, 20 Oct 2016 08:25:56 GMT

Documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday have confirmed that the California Attorney General’s office has begun a criminal investigation into Wells Fargo bank. In the documents, the attorney general alleges that the bank engaged in criminal identity theft.

The investigation — one of at least...More »]]>Charley Lanyonbankswells fargocrimes and misdemeanors<![CDATA[GOP Will Accept Election Results, Even If Trump Campaign Doesn’t]]>, 20 Oct 2016 07:42:00 GMT

After forcing Republicans to spend the last two weeks discussing whether they’d vote for a sexual predator, Donald Trump found a way to make the next 19 days even more nightmarish for his party. Immediately after the debate, Republicans were already being asked whether they intend to uphold...More »]]>Margaret Hartmanndonald trumpearly and oftenpolitics<![CDATA[Ohio Voters Illegally Removed From Rolls May Cast Ballots in November]]>, 20 Oct 2016 03:49:48 GMT

A U.S. district court ruled on Wednesday that voters who were illegally removed from Ohio’s voter rolls may cast provisional ballots in person during early voting or on Election Day.

The court action came after a lawsuit was brought by the ACLU and other plaintiffs, and settles the...More »]]>Charley Lanyonearly and oftenvoting rights

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