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Chrissy Metz Clarifies Her Weight Loss Contract for This Is Us, Says It ‘Wasn’t Mandated’

Weeks after This Is Us star Chrissy Metz told TVLine that she has a mandatory weight-loss clause in her contract to mirror her character's weight journey saying it was "a win-win" situation Metz is now clarifying that her contract on the show does not, in fact, stipulate that she has to lose any weight for the role. "It wasn’t mandated in the contract, and I probably — if I ever said the word contract, I didn't mean it in that way," she told People. "I was pitched that the trajectory of Kate is that she’s going to lose weight. That is who and what's going on." Metz does note, though, that the show's narratives are motivating her to lose weight on her own accord. "Why not have a motivation beyond me to get to a healthy weight?" she explained. "Every actor does that. We're chameleons. We change, we grow as an actor … you lose weight, you gain weight, you change your hair or whatever." On a recent This Is Us episode, her character, Kate, notably decided to get gastric bypass surgery.

Ryan Seacrest Says ‘Things Are Going Better’ for Kanye Following Hospitalization

According to Keeping Up With The Kardashians executive producer and E! czar Ryan Seacrest, Kanye West has been improving following his recent hospitalization at UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital for exhaustion. "I’ve spoken to Kim. I’ve not spoken to Kanye, but I think that things are going better now," Seacrest told People last night in Los Angeles. While he was released from the facility on Wednesday, November 30, West is currently living apart from his wife Kim Kardashian and their children while receiving outpatient care. Seacrest also echoes E!'s denial that filming of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's thirteenth season had been put on hold during the rapper's treatment, as rumors had suggested. While the show did pause after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her Parisian hotel room back in October, shooting has continued throughout Kanye's entire ordeal. “There have been some reports that we halted production. We did stop for a little bit, briefly, after the Paris incident, but since then we’ve been back in full production,” Seacrest explained. “We’re shooting season 13.”

Bernardo Bertolucci Admits Last Tango in Paris Butter Rape Scene Was Non-Consensual

One of the most infamous rape scenes in film history comes from the 1972 erotic-drama Last Tango in Paris, in which Marlon Brando's character uses a stick of butter to anally rape another character played by Maria Schneider. Prior to her death, Schneider had spoken out about how she felt "humiliated" and "a little raped" while filming the scene, and now the film's controversial director, Bernardo Bertolucci, is admitting that he and Brando conspired together to film the rape without Schneider's consent. (At the time, Brando was 48, while Schneider was 19.) "The sequence of the butter is an idea that I had with Marlon in the morning before shooting," Bertulocci said in a newly-resurfaced video recorded at the La Cinémathèque Française in Paris. While Bertulocci said he felt horrible "in a way" for his treatment of Schneider, he still didn't "regret" the way he directed the scene, and justified the decision because he "wanted her reaction as a girl, not as an actress."


New Tumblr Tracks People Who Are Regretful Over Their Trump Votes

Following the Brexit referendum in Britain, some who voted to leave the European Union were found to have regretted their choice, taking to Twitter to express as much. Now, many months later, some Trump voters in the United States are experiencing similar waves of regret and, again, admitting it on social media. Specifically, tweeting it right at the President-elect.

A new Tumblr, Trumpgrets, tracks the musings of regretful Trump voters, many of whom have come forward following his cabinet announcements. If only there had been some way to prevent it! But instead, we only have this.


The Cut Staff’s Hyperspecific Luxury Gift Guide

Gifting season can go two ways: It can either be super easy (hey, that’s what cash and gift cards are for!) or be the stuff of nightmares (is there a greater litmus test of how well you know your nearest and dearest? Unlikely). Gift cards are fine in a pinch, but it’s nice to show you actually took the time to think about what makes your loved ones tick. This year, we’re presenting our hyperspecific gift guide — a detailed compendium of the best and most stylish gifts for every personality, in the hopes that you’ll be able to home in on your own friends’ and loved ones’ idiosyncratic wish lists. We’ve covered what to buy for your fancy friend, the perfect gifts for a cold-weather fanatic, and treats to impress the unabashed maximalist. Scroll below to shop through our highly personal picks.

Natalie Portman’s Best Red-Carpet Moments

Somehow every role Natalie Portman touches turns into costume gold. Over 20 years after Leon: The Professional debuted, her character Mathilda’s punky beanie and choker is still a Halloween hit. Then there was her infamous wig as an exotic dancer in Closer. And today, she’ll officially hit theaters as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the biopic drama Jackie.


Three Men Reportedly Yelled ‘Donald Trump’ at a Muslim Woman on the Subway and Tried to Remove Her Hijab

An 18-year-old Muslim woman says she was approached by three men — who are believed to be have been drunk — while waiting for the uptown 6 train at 23rd Street in Manhattan at 10 p.m. on Thursday night.

New York City police say that the men yelled “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” while following the woman onto the train, only to continue saying things such as “You fucking terrorist! Get out of this country!” and “You don’t belong here!”

After reportedly breaking one of her purse straps, they tried to remove her hijab while yelling, “Get that fucking thing off your head!” She got off the train at Grand Central Station to report the harassment to the police, who are currently investigating.

This news comes after some Muslim women have expressed fear of wearing the hijab after Trump’s win — and with a reported increase in harassment and hate crimes since Election Day.

Amy Schumer in Talks to Star In Sony’s Live-Action Barbie Movie, Which Is Unfortunately Going to Be PG

Amy Schumer is, of course, the perfect casting choice to turn the rigid plastic world of Barbie on its hollow, beautiful head, but oh, can’t you just imagine an R-rated Barbie movie? A little something for the bad moms? Deadline reports that Schumer is in talks to star in Sony’s planned summer 2018 tentpoleBarbie as the infamous Mattel doll. Cast out of Barbieland for her no doubt many endearing flaws, Barbie must learn to make her way in the real world and embrace her imperfections, eventually returning to her homeland to save her former countrywomen. Deadline also reports that the studio is searching for a female director. Schumer will take her own pass at the child-friendly screenplay written by Hillary Winston, meaning there will surely be a little something for the over-elementary-school-age crowd. Those kids wouldn’t get a lot of it anyways. They’ve never even worn heels.

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