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John Krasinski Still Not Over Talking About His Muscles

In December, actor John Krasinski revealed his new muscular physique, obtained while preparing for his role in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Since then, the sun has risen and set and risen and set time and time again. Many, many moons have passed. Babies have been born, seasons have changed, and still, one message continually echoes in the wind: John Krasinski talking about his muscles.


How Hillary Learned to Love Sleep

Hillary yawned. She had been campaigning all morning, and someone on the bus suggested she take a nap. She slapped the person across the face in a playful, fun way. She didn’t take naps. She slept one to two hours a night, but always sitting up with her hand on her phone and her eyes partially open, like she had either lost her glasses or was in the middle of an orgasm. But Hillary had never napped, not even in college. People said naps made you feel amazing, happy, alive. Some people saw things when they took naps — bright lights or dragons or naked versions of people they work with. Some people said they needed naps to do anything creative. But these people were burnouts. Hippies. They were the kind of people who could list at least five different percussion instruments with almost no hesitation. They could never run the free world. They were Nappers, and she was Hillary Fucking Clinton.


Tech Bros Think You Want to Drink Soylent Out of This Guy’s Mason Jar

As if we needed another reason to believe Soylent is a glorified meal replacement men will only drink because it’s marketed as tech, yesterday’s promotional tour was even more proof. The company’s founder, Rob Rhinehart, and Silicon Valley star Josh Brener geared up in futuristic outfits designed by Berlin-based Nhu Duong. Their mission: to deliver Coffiest to eBay and Go Daddy’s offices in San Francisco.


The New Cartier Mansion Has the Most Elegant Stationery

In 1917, Pierre Cartier hoped to purchase a limestone mansion on Fifth Avenue. In exchange, he offered a $1 million pearl necklace admired by the wife of financier Morton F. Plant, who owned the building. Mrs. Mae Plant wore the double strand of pearls, Cartier (grandson of the French jeweler’s founder) lived on the top floors, and the rest of the house became Cartier’s flagship store, a New York City landmark.


Alt-Pop-Star Banks on Finding Her Way in Fashion

You may recall singer-songwriter Banks’s first single, “Beggin for Thread.” Released on her debut album, Goddess, in 2014, it made her a global alt-pop star — the Hype Machine even determined that she was that year’s most blogged-about artist. Two years later, Banks is back with a new album, The Altar, coming out this September. She’s toured internationally with the Weeknd and her sound has been compared to the likes of a darker mix of Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, and Ellie Goulding, but she’s set on forging a path that’s all her own.


A Timeline of Leslie Jones’s Horrific Online Abuse

Today in awful news, Leslie Jones’s personal website has been taken down after being targeted by a vicious hack. Hackers infiltrated the site with what appeared to be naked photos of the comedian, as well as images of her passport and driver’s license, private photos of her with various celebrities, and a photo of dead gorilla (and meme that refuses to die) Harambe.

Sadly, it’s not the first time Jones has been the target of online trolls. Last month, the comedian’s Twitter account was inundated with racist and sexist hate speech associated with her role in Paul Feig’s inexplicably controversial all-female Ghostbusters reboot, and Twitter pledged to reform their harassment policies in response. A brief rundown of what led us to this ugly place:

March 3 — The first Ghostbusters trailer hits YouTube and becomes the most unpopular trailer in the site’s history, receiving countless misogynistic comments. This vitriolic discourse would come to dominate the rest of the film’s rollout.

June 21 — Paul Feig and his cast address their haters in the Times. “To me, the people who are crying about, ‘This is ruining my childhood,’ this movie is not for them anyway,” said Jones.

July 11 — The movie comes out.


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