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Isaac Mizrahi Compares Model Size to a Part of the Male Anatomy

Are curvy models really back? Like, REALLY? When we ran into Isaac Mizrahi at last night's Bravo Upfronts party, where he was celebrating the renewal of The Fashion Show, we had to ask. "I think beautiful models are back," he said. "I'm serious. I hate this thought about saying that only curvy models are chic or something. It's like that thing, 'Isn't it time that a woman won an Academy Award'? No! It's time that a really good artist won an Academy Award. So if I was, like, a curvy model, I'd be like, 'No, I don't want to be a curvy model. I want to be a MODEL.'"

But if "beautiful" models are back, does that mean that Mizrahi thinks super-skinny models of late were not beautiful? "You know what? There was a moment when girls were really skinny. Skinny, skinny, skinny. And people loved it. But I didn't like it. It didn't look natural. There were always skinny girls. Shalom was naturally skinny. She could eat like a truck driver and still be skinny, so it looked natural on her. Kate was always a really skinny girl. She never tried. And then everybody was all of a sudden losing all this weight and it was really ugly." So does he prefer curvy, then? "I don't know. Do you love a guy because his dick is bigger or something like that? You know, YES! Yes. So work it out."

Speaking of curvy, Mizrahi himself is trying to be less so, and announced to us that he's on a diet. A Pinkberry diet, to be specific. "Pinkberry for dinner," he said. He goes swimming every morning and then gets a frittata from Good and Plenty to Go on West 43rd Street. Then it's usually a salad for lunch and a large Pinkberry (ten Weight Watcher points) for dinner — "With toppings! Are you kidding me?" He's been on the plan for a month and has lost five pounds, and seems pretty happy. He even cheated and ate some cheesy rice balls at the party. "I was on, like, no carbs for a month and then I was like, 'Forget that. I can't do no carbs.' You get flabby. Your breath smells bad. You smell bad when you don't eat carbs! So now I'm on, like, the only-carbs diet: Pinkberry and rice."

Photo: Patrick McMullan

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