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Vikings Change Course, Suspend Adrian Peterson Indefinitely

Upon further consideration, the Minnesota Vikings have decided that they don't want to play an alleged child abuser. Last weekend star running back Adrian Peterson was deactivated for one game after he was charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child for beating his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. On Monday the team announced that Peterson would be on the field again this Sunday, but after two days of public calls for his suspension — including a from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton — the team has reversed its decision. In a statement issued early Wednesday morning, the Vikings said Peterson has been added to the Exempt/Commissioner's Permission List, "which will require that Adrian remain away from all team activities while allowing him to take care of his personal situation until the legal proceedings are resolved."

Peterson responded on Twitter. »

Judge Approves Surcharge to Make NYC Taxis Wheelchair Accessible

The years-long battle to make New York's taxi fleet more accessible to people with disabilities officially came to an end on Tuesday when a judge approved a plan to make half of the city's yellow cabs wheelchair accessible by 2020. The plan, which the Taxi and Limousine Commission approved in April, will implement a 30-cent surcharge for all fares starting in 2015 to fund the purchase of 7,500 new cabs. Currently there are only about 600 wheelchair-accessible cabs in the 13,000 car fleet. Manhattan federal Judge George Daniels called the measure "one of the most significant acts of inclusion in this city since Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers," and said it "makes us a better city."

NFL Players Union Grudgingly Appeals Ray Rice Case

The NFL Players Association finally filed its appeal of Ray Rice's indefinite suspension on Tuesday night, but emphasized that they're only defending a man who knocked out his wife in a elevator because that's their job. "When we look at facts and reach a determination that there are appropriate grounds to appeal any decision — any disciplinary decision — that is the role of the union, that's the duty of the union. And we really don't shy away from that duty at all," DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFLPA, told CBS News. "Public outrage notwithstanding, it's part of my legal training ... to understand that everybody has due process rights." So please keep directing those angry comments to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, not the union!

The NFLPA wants a neutral arbitrator to take Goodell's place. »

Black Women Accused of Being Prostitutes at Standard Hotel; Free Dinner and Champagne Offered As Apology

Two teachers and a lawyer walk into a bar. A man offers to buy the trio some drinks. Security intervenes, accusing the women of being sex workers. Guess who were the only black people present at the establishment?

That’s what three professional women say happened to them last month at the Standard hotel in Manhattan, an ugly instance of racial profiling that’s gained attention only after Django Unchained actress Danièle Watts said she was accused by the LAPD of prostitution for kissing her white husband. That, unfortunately, was not an isolated incident.


The Lonesome Death of Atlantic City's Trump Plaza Casino

The 5:30pm Lucky Streak Greyhound was nearly empty yesterday as it pulled out of Port Authority Bus Terminal on its way to Atlantic City. Years ago, the service would have been full of gamblers from New York, drawn to the blinkering promise of Atlantic City casinos. It made stops at Bally’s, Caesars, Showboat, Tropicana, Trump Taj Majal and Trump Plaza, disgorging those unlucky enough to count themselves lucky.

On the last night, the final hurrah, of the Trump Plaza, a gargantuan boardwalk staple since it opened in 1984, the Lucky Streak ferried only eight souls, rattling in their seats like spare change. The casino would cease operation at six the following morning, and approximately 1,000 people would never show up for work there again. It is the fourth Atlantic City casino to shut down this year amid plummeting revenue: The Atlantic Club folded its hand in January; Showboat sunk in August; and Revel, another of the big time casinos and the newest, died at only two years old after an infancy of neglect. There is talk that Trump Taj Mahal might shut down soon. Any of my fellow passengers hoping to spend the night at the Trump Plaza would be disappointed — its 612-room hotel was already closed.


The NFL’s New, Looser Pot Rules Are Still Ridiculous

Following a summer of outrage about crime and punishment in the NFL, the league may be adjusting its drug policy to allow slightly higher levels of THC in a player's system. Currently, football has some of the harshest marijuana policies in all of sports, with just 15 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood counting as a violation. (The Olympic standard is ten times that amount, while baseball uses the federal government's standard of 50 nanograms.) Under a new deal being finalized with the players union, positive tests will start at 35 nanograms.


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