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Rob Ford Has Cancer

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with liposarcoma, a rare cancer of fatty tissue that doctors describe as "difficult." Ford was hospitalized last week for abdominal pain, at which point doctors noticed a tumor and Ford formally withdrew from his reelection race. According to Zane Cohen, a doctor on his treatment team, they're dealing with a "fairly aggressive tumor" that has spread to his buttock from his abdomen.


Is Scotland About to Break Away From Britain?

Tomorrow, Scotland heads to the polls to vote on whether to leave Britain or stay. We talked to Alex Massie, a prominent Scottish journalist, about the arguments from both sides and how it feels in Scotland on the brink. Though he has voted against secession, Massey says he sees the emotional appeal of the campaign, "clusterfuck" though it might be to implement. We talked to him on the eve of the historic vote that might sever Scotland from the United Kingdom. 

Where are we now? Does it look like Scotland’s going independent?
The result still hangs in the balance. We’ll have three or four new polls out tonight, but a couple came out yesterday which reported that 52 percent of voters intend to vote no and remain part of United Kingdom, and 48 percent are in favor of voting yes. That’s obviously within the familiar margin of error. 

Both sides are quietly confident.


Horny Old Racist Has Shockingly Disgusting Excuse for Posting Porn in His Window

Who still buys porn magazines? This vile harasser in Queens, for one.

"Jimmy," who seems to be channeling Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, isn't a fan of his new Indian neighbors and has taken to putting pornographic images in his window facing their house to express his disapproval, ABC 7 reports. The immigrant family has a 4-year-old son. But wait, it gets nastier!


Fresh Off of Saying ‘Shylock,’ Joe Biden Calls Asia the ‘Orient’ and Throws in Stereotype for Good Measure

Proving again that, yes, he is your accidentally racist grandma, Vice President Joe Biden continues to offend minority groups without malice. Biden already offended Jews this week — it's only Wednesday — when he referred to shady lenders as "Shylocks," but today's gaffe was truly prodigious, as he managed to combine an antiquated, other-izing term with a cultural stereotype.


Darren Wilson Testified for 4 Hours in Front of Michael Brown Grand Jury

The Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown on August 9 has finally told his story in court. Darren Wilson spent nearly four hours in front of a St. Louis County grand jury on Tuesday, the Post-Dispatch reports, despite not being required to testify. An anonymous source called Wilson "cooperative," and said he has also given his side of the story twice to local investigators and once to federal investigators. The grand jury has until January 7, 2015 to bring criminal charges against the officer after a judge extended the 12-member session for as long as allowed by law.

That Story About the Django Unchained Actress Handcuffed for ‘Kissing While Black’ Just Got More Complicated

Django Unchained actress Danièle Watts made headlines this weekend after her Facebook post about being detained by the LAPD for "kissing while black" went viral. Now the police are striking back, with the help of their unofficial publicity arm (in this case), TMZ.

On Tuesday, TMZ released the police department's audio recording of the incident, which it says exonerates LAPD Sergeant Jim Parker. In the clip, Parker tells Watts he's received a complaint about Watts and partner Brian Lucas having sex in a car with the door open. Watts says they were only kissing, and refuses to hand over her I.D. The situation escalates from there, ending with those pictures of a handcuffed Watts breaking down in tears

This is where things get tricky. »

Olive Garden Has Middle-Class Problems

For Olive Garden, 2014 has been almost as tough as its lasagna fritta.

Last week, an activist hedge fund that owns shares in Darden, OG's parent company, put out a scathing, 300-slide presentation arguing that the strip-mall purveyor of soft pasta and complimentary breadsticks is dreadfully mismanaged. The fund, Starboard Value, dinged its food quality, corporate strategy, and top executives — arguing that the firm could bring in more customers and make more money if it only tried a little harder. It was a public humiliation for a company that has struggled mightily of late, its sales sliding and its food mocked.


Watch a MacArthur Genius Explain Her Vital Work on Racism

The MacArthur foundation just announced its 2014 class of "geniuses" — researchers whose work the Foundation saw as so important and groundbreaking that each of them will receive a $625,000 no-strings-attached award. One of them, psychology researcher Jennifer L. Eberhardt of Stanford, conducts important research on race that Science of Us has featured in the past.


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