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White House Intruder Had 800 Rounds of Ammo, Was Previously Arrested With a Sawed-Off Shotgun and Map to the White House

One of the two men arrested for trying to enter the White House over the weekend — the one who made it all the way through an unlocked door — was carrying just two-and-a-half-inch knife in his pocket. But in his car a few blocks away was a much bigger arsenal: two hatchets, a machete, and 800 rounds of ammunition — and it's not even the first time this summer Omar Gonzalez has been caught armed, with an eye on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Could ‘Caregiverism’ Be the New Feminism?

The modern woman would seem to have a complicated relationship with child care and housework. She’s supposed to split the workload with her progressive male partner but usually ends up doing more anyway. If she complains about the imbalance, she’s asked to lower her standards. (Cleanliness is a social construct!) Or maybe she's a feminist stay-at-home mom who loves caring for her children but also sees doing so as a full-time job. Perhaps she pays an immigrant woman to do her domestic work for her — even as straight, white, upper-middle-class couples remain the focal point for housework debates.


Kanye West Is Teaching a Class at L.A. Trade Technical College

As part of his mandated community service after a 2013 paparazzi scuffle, Kanye West has started teaching at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, known for its courses in fashion design and technology. He's got 250 hours to slog through, but this doesn't really seem like the worst punishment? Kanye at the front of a classroom, imparting all of that genius onto a crowd of eager young minds? We'd all be so lucky to graduate with a concentration in 'Ye.

Woman Hit by Bike in Central Park Dies

Jill Tarlov, the 59-year-old struck by a swerving cyclist on Thursday in Central Park, has passed away. CBS, where Tarlov's husband works as an executive, released a statement: "As we mourn the loss of our friend and console Mike and his family, we are committed to doing what we can to bring greater public awareness of the perils of unsafe and distracted driving by motorists and cyclists that endangers pedestrians. Far too many people have been killed or seriously injured on our streets." The rider has not been charged.

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