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President Obama Is One of Two Americans Still Using a BlackBerry

The president confirmed that he still owns one of the all-but-forgotten smartphones on Friday, when he informed reporters watching him board Marine One that he had almost left his behind in the White House. This brings the number of current BlackBerry users we're aware of to two — the other one is, of course, Kim Kardashian, who called the device her "heart and soul" last month. Is this an extraordinary last-ditch marketing effort on the part of the BlackBerry's manufacturer, or just more proof that the Illuminati exists? Only time will tell.

Thieves in Guinea Probably Didn’t Mean to Steal a Bag Full of Ebola Blood

"No doubt they thought it was something else," said the Red Cross's Youssouf Traoré of the three men who stole a bunch of blood samples taken from suspected Ebola patients. The Associated Press reports that the thieves stopped a taxi carrying nine passengers — one of them a Red Cross courier — on a rural road in Ebola-ravaged Guinea and demanded that everyone hand over their cell phones, cash, jewelery, and, for some reason, the cooler bag containing the blood.


So, There Might Be a Rat Infestation at Vogue

Vogue's downtown migration to One World Trade Center was documented with military precision on Instagram. Models pitched in (though it must have been tough to get much done in a floor-length gown). helped schlep boxes, for some reason. Now the magazine is firmly established downtown, and amid the helicopter-assisted sunset vistas, it appears that there may also be a less picturesque facet to the new digs. Gawker is reporting that the offices are #blessed with a rat infestation. According to one of their sources, Anna Wintour has decreed that the staff  "must ensure that her personal office is rat-free before she enters it." Glamorous!

NYPD Officer Breaks Fare-Beater’s Face With a Nightstick

It's time to flip the "Days Since the Release of Disturbing NYPD Footage" sign back to zero. (It had been at around 30, for those keeping track.) In a video posted to YouTube on Thursday, a New York City police officer can be seen using his nightstick to beat Donovan Lawson, who has been cornered on top of a row of subway station seats. After taking a swipe at the 20-year-old's legs, the cop cracks him across the face, eliciting screams and horrified wows from the videographer and the other people watching the scene.

"He needs an ambulance!" »

NYPD Shooting Death Tests de Blasio

It’s a chronically dangerous combination in the city’s housing projects: malfunctioning elevators and dimly lit stairways. Tenants who just want to reach their apartments safely call the cops, who climb up and down on “vertical patrols” looking for thieves and trespassers in the dark.

Late last night those volatile elements came together tragically — again. An unarmed 28-year-old man, Akai Gurley, was shot and killed as he walked with his girlfriend down a stairwell inside the Pink Houses in East New York. A rookie cop, Peter Liang, is said to have pulled the trigger. 


Western New Yorkers Buried by Snow Now Also Have to Worry About Flooding

The massive lake-effect snowstorm that hit western New York this week is finally letting up, but residents of the area now have another thing to worry about: flooding. Temperatures are expected to climb to almost 60 degrees over the weekend, which means that all that snow — as much as seven feet of it in some places — could turn into a lot of water very quickly. Oh, and it's also supposed to rain.

At least 30 buildings have already collapsed. »

House Republicans Finally Sue Obama Over Obamacare

After threatening to do so for months, House Republicans have finally sued the Obama administration over the president's "king-like" changes to Obamacare, the New York Times reports. The lawsuit, filed on Friday against the secretaries of Health and Human Services and the Treasury Department, accuses Obama & Co. of illegally delaying the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate. It also challenges the $175 billion the law is set to pay to insurance companies over the next ten years in order to subsidize health care for poor people.


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