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Videotaped Confession From Etan Patz’s Alleged Killer Can Be Used in Trial

A videotape of Pedro Hernandez confessing to the murder of 6-year-old Etan Patz can now be used as evidence in Hernandez's upcoming trial, after a judge ruled Monday morning that the confession was lawfully obtained. Fifty-three-year-old Hernandez admitted to choking and killing 6-year-old Patz, who vanished in 1979 in Soho, after a more than six-hour, intense interrogation with police in May 2012.  The judge denied the defense's argument that Hernandez had a low IQ and a history of mental illness, and so didn't understand his right to remain silent or to ask for an attorney.


Now We All Can Worry About the Plague for a Week

Move over, Ebola: Bubonic Plague, the original mass killer, is back, having infected more than 100 people in Madagascar since August. About a third of those infected have died, and the bacterial disease has now reached the island nation's capital city, Antananarivo, where health officials fear its spread may accelerate. But don't worry, hypochondriacs: There's still a zero percent chance you'll catch it, just like with Ebola.

Suspect Claims He Doesn’t Remember Pushing Man Onto Subway Tracks

Kevin Darden, the man believed to have killed 61-year-old Wai Kuen Kwok by shoving him in front of an oncoming D train, told WABC that he "would never do anything like that." "I don't remember anything about [the day of the incident], I didn't do anything ... I've never been in this type of situation before," added Darden, who has a lengthy criminal history, including robbery and assault convictions, and is also suspected of (non-fatally) pushing another man on a subway platform shortly before Kwok died.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Very Sh*tty Thanksgiving

Georgina Bloomberg, equestrian, animal advocate, and former first daughter of New York, has a pet pig and several pet dogs, one of which was a 10-year-old Chihuahua deemed unadoptable by New York City’s Animal Care & Control. A Connecticut rescue organization saved the pooch, which was wonderful — except for the time it crapped all over Gracie Mansion.


Snow Could Make Getting Out of New York for Thanksgiving Even More Hellish

Every year you have a choice: stay in the city and spend Thanksgiving alone watching Lifetime movies and eating mashed potatoes you got from the bodega, or participate in a mass city exodus that rivals Escape From New York just to have a meal that doesn't come from Seamless. This year, another complicating factor has been tossed into the mix: shitty weather.


Subprime Is Back!

Earlier this year, an Arizona man came off of his shift at a restaurant to find his 2006 Ford Focus gone, suddenly repossessed after he and his wife fell more than 60 days behind on their loan. In Missouri, another worker went to turn on his 1997 Sunfire but found it would not start. He was behind on his payments, so collectors turned his engine off with a starter-blocking device. Read the local papers, and you will find hundreds more stories just like that, along with tales of car dealers flogging no-income-verification loans, debt collectors harassing families with phone calls, and families losing their rides.


Rand Paul Wants to Literally Declare War on ISIS

For months, Rand Paul has been trying to shake claims that he is an isolationist like his father. His recent op-ed "I Am Not an Isolationist" didn't do the trick, so this weekend the Kentucky senator told the New York Times that he wants to formally declare war against ISIS. The president will soon ask Congress for authorization to fight the terrorist group, though that effort is already well underway. "War cannot be initiated without Congress," Paul said, arguing that conservatives should be more upset about that unilateral action by Obama. "Conservatives are mad at him about immigration. And they’re mad about him using executive authority on Obamacare," he said. "But this is another example where he doesn’t have much respect for Congress, and some conservatives don’t quite get that."


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