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Girls Pretending South Brooklyn Is Iowa

Ditmas Park, to New Yorkers like Hannah Horvath, might as well be Iowa. HBO's Girls is reportedly using the south Brooklyn neighborhood to represent the Midwest, where Hannah will supposedly spend at least some of season four after getting accepted to the vaunted Iowa Writers' Workshop, which was not so keen about the show filming on campus. (A spokesperson said last month, "our general practice is to not allow filming, due to potential disruption.") So they brought the frat house to Brooklyn.


Elmo Puppeteer Cleared of Sexual Abuse Charges

The U.S. Court of Appeals has thrown out three pending cases, upholding a New York judge's ruling from last summer, against 53-year-old Kevin Clash, who played Elmo on Sesame Street for 28 years before the allegations surfaced from multiple men who said they were underage when they first met the puppeteer. "The case was dismissed because of the statute of limitations. There is no ruling on the merits," said plaintiffs' attorney Jeff Herman, who is now representing the accuser in a similar case involving director Bryan Singer.

Drunk NYPD Officer Accidentally Shot His Partner

On Wednesday night, 57-year-old detective Jay Poggi and his partner, both of the 75th Precinct, headed out to Far Rockaway to conduct a robbery investigation. The two apparently decided that they'd work more effectively after a few drinks, so, according to the New York Daily News, they made a pit stop at a restaurant. By 1:50 a.m., Poggi was driving the other cop to Jamaica Hospital, having accidentally shot him in the wrist with his .38 revolver. For some reason, Poggi's effort was rewarded with the offer of a Breathalyzer test, which he refused. While his partner was sent to surgery, Poggi ended up with a DWI and probably some departmental charges, as well. There might be a lesson in here somewhere.

Notorious KKK Leader Frazier Glenn Miller Was Once Caught Doing ‘Rather Salacious’ Things With a Black Male Prostitute

Frazier Glenn Miller, the former Ku Klux Klan "grand dragon" and proud anti-Semite accused of killing three people outside Kansas Jewish centers earlier this month, was not always so strict about his discrimination, at least in private. Before becoming an FBI informant, Miller, who had founded North Carolina's White Patriot Party, was caught in a compromising position — in the backseat of a car — with a black man, doing things a federal prosecutor is not comfortable saying out loud.


Baby Gorillas Now Doing Cute Things at the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is now home to not one, but two tiny western lowland gorillas — the first to be born in the zoo since 2006. Details about the babies are scarce so far. The zoo has not publicized their names and genders, though we do know that they belong to female Congo Gorilla Forest residents Julia and Tuti, who gave birth on March 10 and last Thursday, respectively. Luckily, the gorillas' human keepers knew that they couldn't make this kind of announcement without giving the public what they really want from newborn animals: an adorable video.

And they did not disappoint. »

The Duke Porn Star’s Life Sounds Pretty Tough

Since rising to prominence earlier this year, Miriam Weeks (a.k.a. Belle Knox, a.k.a. the Duke Porn Star) has done an impressive job claiming her right to be both a college feminist and a porn star. But even with her formidable self-possession, that's no easy job, as this week's Rolling Stone profile makes clear.

The piece finds the now-known porn star and college freshman fully settling into her gig as Belle Knox, which includes "wearily" shopping for cheap panties to sell for $50 per pair at an Atlantic City convention called Exxxotica — there are pitfalls to every job, guys — an internship at Pornhub, a sex-toy line based off of her genitals, and a new gig hosting TV show The Sex Factor. And it discusses what it's like, day to day, to go back and forth between being Miriam (a college student who “sleeps a lot, loves her family, loves her friends" and "wants to get married, have kids, work as a lawyer for women's rights") and being Belle Knox, full-fledged porn star. For starters, she's lost ability to go to her favorite bar, Shooters, and hardly has a relationship with her parents. And, despite an initial fantasy of how "hot" her first shoot would be, this is her account of the experience:


MTA Driver Used Bus to Pick Up $3 Million Worth of Heroin

Earlier this month, eight-year MTA veteran Francis Abankwa pulled his Bx2 bus up to a regular stop on the Bronx's Grand Concourse so that Boubacar Traore — a smuggler who had arranged to give him a suitcase full of drugs from Ghana — could board, the Daily News reports. Unfortunately, Traore had already been busted by federal agents at Kennedy Airport, and the authorities were waiting to arrest both men when they arrived at Inwood's Kingsbridge Depot at the end of the day. At least they let Abankwa finish his route.

Vice Reporter Simon Ostrovsky Freed in Ukraine: ‘They Were Looking for Me’

The Vice News journalist detained by pro-Russian forces in Ukraine since late on Monday was released on Thursday, the company confirmed after reports and photos surfaced on Twitter. "VICE News is delighted to confirm that our colleague and friend Simon Ostrovsky has been safely released and is in good health," said a statement. "We would like to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time. Out of respect for Simon and his family's privacy, we have no further statement at this time."


Cliven Bundy’s Racist Rant Captured on Video, Obliterating Claim He Was Misquoted, Not Racist

Like everyone else to ever be quoted saying something untoward, Nevada rancher and new conservative folk hero Cliven Bundy, who just happens to be a huge racist, said this afternoon that his comments about black Americans being better off as slaves, as published in the New York Times, were inaccurate and taken out of context. They most certainly were not. "I didn't say nothin' about pickin' cotton," Bundy told Alex Jones on the radio today. "This is bombshell. This is bombshell," said Jones. "You're telling me you did not say 'picking cotton'?"

"No, I did not say pickin' cotton," said Bundy. Let's go to the tape.


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