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Republican National Committee Co-Chair Calls Wisconsin Voters Stupid to Their Face

With Governor Scott Walker locked in a tight race for reelection, what the state's Republicans really needed was someone from out of town to insult the electorate in front of a local newspaper. Enter RNC co-chair Sharon Day: "It's not going to be an easy election, it's a close election. Like I said, much closer than I can even understand why," she told a crowd at a GOP field office, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "I don't want to say anything about your Wisconsin voters but, some of them might not be as sharp as a knife." Day, as the Hill notes, "was born in Texas, and has lived in Florida for decades," so she knows from sharp electorates. The RNC is lucky to have her around at crunch time.

American Travelers in Africa Are Now Being Screened for Ebola

While the U.S. is closely monitoring all arrivals from west Africa, east Africa is closely monitoring all arrivals from the U.S. According to the American Embassy in Rwanda, "On October 19, the Rwandan Ministry of Health introduced new Ebola Virus Disease screening requirements. Visitors who have been in the United States or Spain during the last 22 days are now required to report their medical condition — regardless of whether they are experiencing symptoms of Ebola," the AP reports. Rwanda, which has no reported cases of the virus, may be wasting its time — the U.S. still only has three connected cases — but New Jersey started it.

Police Find Dead Babies in Canadian Storage Unit

Canadian police discovered the remains of what they believe to be three or four infants in a storage locker at a Winnipeg U-Haul facility, according to the AP. Owing to the various states of decomposition, authorities were unable to determine the exact number of victims or their age range. A police spokesperson called the discovery "very disturbing" and "tragic beyond belief."

Anthony Weiner Still Won’t Say He Stopped Sexting

While the stay-at-home dad agreed to an interview with Politico, "two subjects remained firmly off limits: the role of Weiner's wife's in a possible Hillary Clinton presidential bid" — he's screwed that one up before — "and whether he’s still messaging women." (That too.) As for fatherhood, Weiner says he's been "trying to do anything I can to help be a good house-husband," but "I got the birds and the bees I gotta worry about."

Google Just Invested Millions of Dollars in a Very Eccentric Man

Today, Google announced it was leading a massive, $542 million investment round in a Florida-based start-up called Magic Leap, which makes "augmented reality" projects such as an "eyeglasses-like device, different from Google Glass, designed to project computer-generated images over a real-life setting." It's a fairly routine investment, as these things go — Facebook already bought VR pioneer Oculus, making Google's Magic Leap stake more of a catch-up than a trailblazer — but it represents Google's willingness to invest in fringe technologies that may, someday, move to the mainstream.

It also represents Google's willingness to gamble on Magic Leap founder and CEO Rony Abovitz, who is an eccentric even by Silicon Valley standards.


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