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New York Wants to Import Medical Marijuana (for Now)

New York's Health Department is looking across state lines for medical marijuana, as it seems like getting the state's brand-new pot program set up could take as long as until 2016.

In July, New York became the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana, but the bill required strict rules and regulations for its production and sale. (An 18-month waiting period was predicted right away.) The state's Health Department is now asking the federal government for an exemption that would allow it to buy from states where such programs already exist.


Brooklyn Teacher Busted for Snapchatting Student Now Accused of Abusing 6 Other Girls

Brooklyn Technical High School teacher Sean Shaynak, arrested last month for sending a nude photo to a 16-year-old, now faces an additional 36-count indictment that alleges years of sexual abuse against students ages 13 to 19. Shaynak, the Daily News reports, is accused, among other horrible things, of performing a sexual act on an 18-year-old without consent, taking a 15-year-old to a nude beach, and bringing another teen to a sex club, while plying the young women with alcohol and good grades.

At the time of his initial arrest, one of Shaynak's former students tweeted "everyone knew this was coming."


Jared Leto’s Hair Is Reddit’s Newest Investor

Jared Leto and his illustrious mane have joined a $50 million investment in Reddit, the link sharing community/online support group for men who have been friend-zoned. According to GigaOm, Leto joined venture capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital in contributing to Reddit's new $50 million investment. Rapper and prolific Redditor Snoop Dogg (née Calvin Broadus Jr.) also chipped in some dough.


Mitt Romney Figures Out How Secret Recordings Work

In an entertaining profile by Mark Leibovich, Mitt Romney explains the mistake he made in his infamous remarks at a fund-raiser denouncing the shiftless, hopeless 47 percent. The problem turns out to be that he was recorded without his knowledge:

“My mistake was that I was speaking in a way that reflected back to the man,” Romney said. “If I had been able to see the camera, I would have remembered that I was talking to the whole world, not just the man.”

Well, yes. That is always the mistake where hidden recordings are concerned. If he knew he were talking to the whole world, John Gotti would have described himself as a legitimate businessman, instead of ordering all those crimes.


Secret Service Director Says White House Door Now Locks Automatically — After Guy With Knife Barreled Through It — During Congressional Grilling

Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, is very sorry a man was able to jump the White House fence and make it deep into the first floor of the president's home with a knife earlier this month. "I take full responsibility. What happened is unacceptable, and it will never happen again," she told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform at a hearing today, admitting, "I do not think the security plan was properly executed." Following the incident, they at least got an automatic lock.


Woman Arrested for DUI Just Wanted Some Pizza

A woman from Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested early Sunday morning when police noticed she was swerving in and out of her lane on the highway. When they pulled Rosanna Heinrichs over, they discovered she was drunk and that "the Dominos Web site was loaded on her phone's Web browser." Drunk munchies, they'll get ya every time.

Behind the Michigan Football Concussion Disaster

Saturday, University of Michigan quarterback Shane Morris took a vicious hit in the head late in a loss to the University of Minnesota. Morris started staggering around, was briefly held up by a teammate when he appeared nearly to collapse, and another teammate frantically waved to the sideline for him to be replaced. ESPN announcers expressed shock that Morris was not removed. Morris eventually left, but then, incredibly, came back in the game for one more play, to the incredulity of ESPN and the aghast crowd.


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