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There Are Still Some Russian Spies in New York

Exciting news for Cold War nostalgists: On Monday, the United States government charged three New York City-based Russian citizens with espionage. The Associated Press reports that two of them —  Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy — were "low-level diplomats" and therefore protected from prosecution. (They're believed to have returned to Russia.) However, it looks like the third spy — Yevgeny Buryakov —  is going to have to face the music. 

"I also thought that at least I would go abroad with a different passport." »

Blizzard Offers Climate Deniers Yet Another Opportunity to Be Wrong

Climate change deniers are using Snowmageddon 2015, like every other storm, to further their anti-scientific trolling. But what they fail to miss, of course, is that global warming doesn't mean that there will never be snow again. What it really means is that changing weather patterns may cause more snow storms in certain places — and that they maybe be more serious. 


And Now, Let’s Take a Look Back at the 10 Biggest Snow Storms in NYC History

Well, the Blizzard of 2015 is officially upon us! As you are no doubt aware, Mayor de Blasio has said that we are "most likely" in for "one of the largest snow storms in the history of this city," with forecasters expecting 20 to 30 inches of snow to drop on New York tonight and tomorrow morning. Of course, we won't know for sure if this is, in fact, a record-setting snowfall until sometime on Tuesday, which is probably starting to feel pretty far off as you settle in on the couch with your milk and bread and power-outage-related fears. Let's take this opportunity to look at some nice photos of the extreme winter wonderlands created by New York City's ten biggest snow storms (so far). It's not like you have anywhere to be. 


Anxious People Are More Likely to Cheat

People who feel anxious or threatened are more likely to cheat if given the chance, according to the results of a study recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and nicely summarized today by Alex Fradera over at the British Psychological Society's Research Digest. Maryam Kouchaki of Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management led the study, and she and her team used music to make their 63 student participants feel either calm, by playing relaxing music, or anxious, by playing the iconic, unsettling theme from the movie Psycho. (They checked their work by asking the students how they felt after listening to the music, and those who'd heard the screeching Psycho soundtrack did indeed indicate that they were feeling more threatened than the others.)


Your Grocery Store Is Already Out of Bread and Water

As the northeast braces for what may be (or may not be) a historic snowstorm this week, everyone's favorite disaster-preparedness ritual is out in full swing. Those concerned about their ability to ride out the snowstorm on stale pasta, cereal, and the remnants of last week's takeout have been storming grocery stores and food co-ops in hopes of securing some last-minute fresh produce to ride out a few days. If you're just gearing up to go out now, you're probably out of luck, but it's not too late to observe the chaos from the safety of your snuggie.

The already-long Trader Joe's lines have gotten much, much longer: »

Blizzard of 2015: Brace Yourself for ‘Potentially Historic’ Snow

In case it was not apparent from the hole on the grocery-store shelf where the milk used to be, New York is about to get hit with a ridiculous amount of snow. From Monday afternoon to Tuesday night a massive storm is expected to dump up to 36 inches of snow on the Northeast, along with freezing rain and powerful winds. The National Weather Service is warning that this is a "CRIPPLING AND POTENTIALLY HISTORIC BLIZZARD" and "LIFE-THREATENING CONDITIONS AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TRAVEL." Basically, our friends at NOAA are experiencing the weather equivalent of Jessie Spano's caffeine-pill freak-out, and it's time to listen up.


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