Alan Alone


• In an all-too-logical development, gubernatorial shoo-in Eliot Spitzer is set to withdraw his support of Alan Hevesi, the subject of yesterday’s scathing 26-page Ethics Commission report. The question at this point is not Hevesi’s survival — he’s done — but whether he can nick Spitzer on the way down. [Newsday]
• You didn’t expect an election involving Roger Toussaint to ease down a civil, sportsmanlike high road, did you? If you did, however, you’ll be shocked to hear that both sides in the race for the transit-union presidency are now accusing each other of outright fraud — quadruplicate petition signatures and such. [amNY]
• The FBI is searching a Greenwich church for child pornography. The alleged culprit is one Robert Tate, the church’s musical director, but what lends the story an extra frisson — and, these days, you need one to stand out from all the other church-pedophilia scandals — is Christ Church’s boldface-name-heavy flock. Not only does it include the Bushes, but George W. was reportedly baptized there. [WNBC]
• Michel Gondry is filming in Passaic, New Jersey, and the Times pulls out some jaw-droppingly patronizing prose for the occasion (“Real movie stars … Nothing like this had probably ever happened in Passaic … nothing like this might ever happen again.”) You promise? [NYT]
• And Apple is cementing its hold on New York by announcing it will launch its third Manhattan store, on one of the city’s dullest retail stretches: West 34th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Here’s hoping for a giant glass pyramid, or an army of holographic Steve Jobses, or something. [Reuters]