Bloomberg Pimps, in Brooklyn

Another day in New York, another presumably doomed campaign against Bloombergian gentrification. This time it’s in Red Hook, where residents, business owners, and local electeds say Mayor Mike is “pimping” their waterfront. Seems there’s a plan to turn the local piers into a fenced-off world of restaurants, condos, and family-friendly attractions, including, possibly, two salvaged historic ships for tourists to visit — what the Brooklyn Papers is calling a “Disneyesque theme park.” Right now those piers host the city’s last operational cargo port, run by American Stevedoring, whose director of operations theorizes that the plan — which would evict the company from the city-owned property is just part of a scheme to get union jobs out of New York City. But we most like this quote from a Red Hook resident: “The history of maritime trade is as old as prostitution,” he told the Papers, “and it looks like the maritime trades are about to be prostituted.” Of course, given the new Fairway, at least they’re high-priced whores.

Mickey Mouse Plan [Brooklyn Papers]