Cops, Hits, Tourism, and So On


• Cops in the Bronx shot a man in the head after he used his possibly stolen Lexus as a weapon against them, backing it over a female officer. Unbelievably, the driver is alive, although in critical condition; the officer is stable. [amNY]
• Another grisly tale, of vigilante justice this time, is unfolding in Saratoga County, where a man put out a hit to avenge his teen relative’s rape — then blabbed about it to a police informant. He’s charged with solicitation and conspiracy, among other things. We’re not sure where our sympathies lie here, but we know we want Scorsese to direct. [WNBC]
• In an unbelievably bad idea, the transit authority now directs its train crews to make mention of the “Top of the Rock” observation deck–cum–tourist trap whenever a train pulls into the Rockefeller Center stop. The funniest part is that neither Tishman Speyer, co-owners of the complex, nor MTA will cop to a deal. [NYDN]
• Don’t know how we missed this one: Benjamin James are organizing “Homebuying for Hipsters” classes in Williamsburg bars. The key, we gather, is to pretend you don’t really mean that offer. It was just an ironic parody of a competing offer. [NYP]
• And finally, the long hand of gentrification (doubled home prices, overbuilding, a rash of boutique retail) reaches the Adirondacks. The Times records the usual mix of elation, alarmism, and developers’ promises to leave everything just the way it was, only more profitable. [NYT]