Is Emily Gould the New Gawker Editor?

We’re told by several in-the-know-sources that the new editor of Gawker — replacing Jessica Coen, who recently left for the prestige and glamour and company-supplied dental insurance of Vanity Fair — will be Emily Gould. (We IMed Gawker Media managing editor Lockhart Steele for comment. “[Lockhart] is idle at 12:17:01 PM,” he said.) We know virtually nothing about Miss Gould, except that she runs a blog called Emily Magazine and that said blog currently features on its homepage a nearly naked picture of Paul Rudd. We think we like her.

Update: Turns out we know a little more about Miss Gould than we originally thought. She has written several bar and restaurant reviews for this Website, including these on Fontana’s and East River Bar.