Letourneau-Fualaau, Jersey Style

It’s what you might call the Letourneau-Fualaau trend, not because Mary Kay and her now-husband, Vili, were the first female teacher–male student sex pairing but because they’re probably the most famous. (And also because their names are the most euphonic.) Whatever the name, female teacher–male student sex seems to be everywhere now — even, today, on the front page of the Times, which reports that a Bayonne, New Jersey, guidance counselor, Diane Cherchio West, had a particular fondness for teenage boys. She became pregnant by one while he was still a student; she then married him and had two more kids with him. She later had an affair with another, using her awesome guidance-counselor powers to rearrange his class schedule around their romps. Back in May, Ariel Levy examined this phenomenon for New York, looking at all the recent examples of Letourneau-Fualaau-ism (there are plenty), wondering why the women do it and considering what it’s like to be a high-school guy whose teacher falls for him. Hot for teacher? Not so much.

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