Letterman and O’Reilly, Not So Much Pals

David Letterman’s interviews Bill O’Reilly tonight; surprisingly, the two don’t get along. Hillary Clinton has a sense of humor about John Spencer’s plastic-surgery quip, promises to support gay marriage. David Wright gets over his dismal NLCS play; bikini-clad women didn’t hurt. “Page Six” continues its vendetta against Keith Olbermann. Martha Stewart drops her feud with Andrea Peyser. Sienna Miller is sent back to the hell she dubbed “Shitsburgh” to shoot additional Factory Girl scenes. (Thanks, Harvey!) Naomi Campbell will explain her most recent assault arrest on Oprah’s couch during November sweeps. Chris Cornell was in a motorcycle accident, is okay. Katie Couric remains in third place in the evening-news ratings, and CBS is okay with that. Guys love Jeri Ryan’s breasts. Ivanka Trump will keep her last name even when she gets married, plans on giving The Donald lots of grandchildren. Jay-Z gave Beyoncé a Basquiat. Jackie Kennedy is the subject of a novel, out this week. Out next week: K-Fed’s highly anticipated debut album.