Paris Hilton Is Not As Cheap As You Might Think

You can spend New Year’s Eve with Paris Hilton — for a mere $100,000. (Cash-strapped? Carmen Electra’s half that). Madonna is under fire for pushing Kabbalah on Malawian kiddos. Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser had an awkward run-in with some food-industry execs at a hotel. Isaiah Washington’s choking of Grey’s Anatomy co-star T.R. Knight isn’t an isolated incident, say former castmates. Britney makes like K-Fed, goes partying in Vegas without the kids. Amy Sacco makes like Tom Cruise, goes couch-hopping in Miami with Venus Williams. Diddy is a bit of a diva. Rich white men are peeved that their country club didn’t make enough money during the U.S. Open this year. Steven Spielberg leaves a tip at Starbucks. Donald Trump peddles books with the facility of Harry Potter. Gays have more fun than straights, according to Joan Rivers. Liz Smith likes Alec Baldwin. George Clooney likes old people. Elizabeth Taylor was in a car accident in 1983. Al D’Amato went to a funeral for a friend. Good-bye, CBGB; hello, Retox.