Poor Mrs. Hevesi

Alan Hevesi may be having extracurricular sex, on top of his extracurricular spending. Kevin Federline’s Webster Hall show might be canceled for poor ticket sales. First Daughter Barbara Bush will be a dinosaur for Halloween. Tom and Katie are set to get married in Rome on November 18, unless they’re not. Next up on the Internet: Marcia Cross nudie pics. Rufus Wainwright made out at the Whitney Fall Gala; Michelle Williams namedropped and Uma Thurman smoked. Zac Posen is getting into the men’s clothing business. Hearst Corporation is selling beef. A Dakota co-op sold for $25 million, without ever going on the market. A reality-show star is annoyed at being associated with Ron Jeremy. The Kennedys are annoyed about the new novel about Jackie. An unspecified basketball player sleeps with an unspecified groupie, in Paris. Sofia Coppola looks really pregnant, in Paris. Paris herself does an anti-drunk-driving PSA to secure a teen-mag cover. Devin Aoki once dated Lenny Kravitz, and her dad didn’t care. Lindsay Lohan and Brandon Davis are friends again. The best slogan in advertising, according to Liz Smith? “Don’t Mess With Texas.”