Welcome to Daily Intelligencer

Since January 1973, the Intelligencer section has been New York’s weekly home for news, gossip, short takes, and pithy commentary. Starting now, Daily Intelligencer is nymag.com’s home for that same cocktail of the serious and the frivolous — but blended much more quickly. Daily Intel will filter the stories of the day through New York’s unique sensibility, all day long, every day of the week. Serious looks at city news will jostle for space with comic riffs on what’s going on around town. Party reports will bump up against Atlantic Yards updates. Think of it as a stream of collective unconsciousness from inside the New York brain.

Daily Intel is edited by Chris Rovzar and Jessica Pressler, with regular contributions from New York Magazine’s writers and reporters. Chris most recently was a staff writer at the Daily News, where he also cut his chops reporting for Rush & Molloy’s daily gossip column. Jessica comes to us from Philadelphia, where she was a staff writer for Philadelphia magazine and occasionally wrote for the Styles pages of the New York Times.

You can reach Chris and Jessica at intel@nymag.com.