Actress’s ‘Suicide’ Was Murder

There was a shocking twist today in the supposed — and unlikely — suicide of indie film star Adrienne Shelly. WCBS is reporting that a suspect in the actress’s murder — yes, murder — has confessed and is now in custody. Early reports from the scene mentioned a suspicious set of sneaker footprints in the bathroom where her body was found; those, it now turns out, belonged to 19-year-old Diego Pillco. A construction worker, Pillco allegedly punched Shelly when she complained about the noise he was making. The hit, which evidently made her fall, proved fatal; Pillco then reportedly dragged the body into the bathroom and arranged it to look like a suicide. With the confession on the table, the D.A.’s office has already charged Pillco with second-degree murder; we are sure to hear more about the story as it develops.

Brooklyn Man Charged With Murdering Actress [WCBS]