Charmin’s Times Square Toilets, Open for Flushing


Charmin, the toilet-paper people, today opened their temporary promotion in Times Square, that suite of twenty neat-and-always-clean public restrooms, and, naturally, the Gothamist kids have photos, bless their panda-loving hearts. After a close examination of the pix, we’re pleased to report that the stalls look as clean and homey as promised. (Remember that they’re open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily and that they’re cleaned by an attendant after each use.) Finally, there’s someplace other than the Crowne Plaza or the Marriott Marquis to add to our mental Rolodex of Times Square places to go when, well, we have to go. Have you been? Tell us about it (but not the gross parts, please).

Charmin’s Times Square Bathrooms Are Open for Your Business [Gothamist]
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