Eliot Spitzer Cages Reporters

Eliot Spitzer segregated reporters from civilians at Dem victory party Tuesday night, and reporters weren’t happy. Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale are fighting on the set of their new movie. (Oh, and “Page Six”: The “blond funnyman with the distinctive nose” is Owen, not Luke.) Mariah Carey re-gifts a mink coat back to Russia, but it gets lost in the mail. Jacob the Jeweler got huffy at an auction when another jeweler got more attention. The Post accuses the Daily News of headline hackery. (Also, pot finds kettle dark-colored.) Uma Thurman and Barbara Bush are neighbors. Graydon Carter likes comfort food at his new restaurant. A recent Hollywood divorcé acted like a recent Hollywood divorcé. A bunch of people called Mario Batali fat. Contrary to what you might think, Eva Longoria actually eats. A long time ago, Parker Posey was a secretary; Claire Danes, a nursery-school assistant, and Matthew Modine, a ditch digger. Jeff Gordon remarried; Bill Cosby settled a lawsuit. When London supplants New York as the world’s financial capital, remember kids — Cindy Adams told you first.