For N.Y. Dems Last Night, the Skies Above Were Clear Again


Cuomo, Spitzer, and Clinton last night.Photo: AP

However festively you commemorated last night — our version involved a TV, some charts, several Sharpies, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and at least four laptops — nowhere in New York, we’d imagine, was more festive than the state Democrats’ victory party, held at the Sheraton Towers in midtown. The Dems swept the state — even Alan Hevesi stayed in the driver’s seat — while also winning the House of Representatives, the majority of governorships, and, if not yet the full Senate, at least the hotly contested Senate races in New Jersey. Happy days, as they say, were undoubtedly here again. So what was it like at the Sheraton? Early and Often’s Jon Dolan was there, and he fills us in on boring Spitzer, incessant Franz Ferdinand, and the angriest living Democrat in New York.

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