Hizzoner for Prez!


• Rudy Giuliani is absolutely positively running in ‘08, the papers say, unless he’s not. The ex-mayor formed an exploratory committee, registering it, intriguingly, with New York State instead of the Federal Elections Commission (this limits public access to the findings). So how long before Bernie Kerik somehow screws this one up? [NYP, NYDN]
• From the police blotter, a murky drama in Brooklyn: A mother leaped onto subway tracks in front of the F train shortly after the police found her son dead in the family’s apartment. She survived; the authorities are investigating how the boy died. [WNBC]
• For those keeping track: The Intrepid is still stuck in Hudson River mud; the first attempt at budging it failed; now a new round of dredging begins. The ship’s keel and propellers are reportedly encased in an “almost concrete-like” sediment. And the next highest tide is not until December. [amNY]
• Looks like the upcoming Spanish exhibit at the Guggenheim is going to be a Goya short. The painting Children With a Cart was stolen somewhere near Scranton, Pennsylvania, while making its way to New York from Toledo (the one in Ohio). The FBI is on the case, which is to say they’re soliciting tips. [NYT]
• And in other painting-mishap news, it will only cost Steve Wynn $85,000 to repair the damage caused when he put his elbow through Picasso’s Le Reve. The gaffe’s witnesses, by the way, included Barbara Walters and Nora Ephron. So we’d expect Tom Hanks to soon be stumbling through a Pollack or something at a theater near you, on his way to meeting Meg Ryan. [AP via Yahoo]