It’s Her Party, and She’ll Cry If She Wants To. (She Doesn’t Want To.)


Photo: AP

Senator Hillary, as we all know by now, won an overwhelming victory last night, shellacking John Spencer by a nearly Spitzerian 31 percentage points. And yet, as Jon Dolan notes on Early and Often, some observers still found her overshadowed by Big Bill, who stood off to the side through her acceptance speech and said nothing at all. But those commentators — TV pundits, political professionals — missed the point, Dolan argues, while the voters understood it: Bill is Prince Philip now, and Hillary’s the top Clinton. “Whatever Clinton problems lie ahead are ones she can own herself,” he writes, “and not let the world blame on her husband.” Get his full take on Hillary’s ascension — plus a nice dig at Bob Shrum — at E&O.

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