Mail, Dates Tough to Get in Brooklyn

East Village: Landlord sues tenants for not letting loud, dust-covered construction workers tromp through his apartment and build an overpriced penthouse. [amNY]
Fort Greene: We must all sacrifice imported dates in this time of war. [Brooklyn Record]
Hunts Point: Why go to Rikers when you can go to your neighborhood jail? [NYDN]
Ozone Park: Plan to make Aqueduct Racetrack even more depressing is deterred by the delay of video slot machines. [amNY]
Prospect Heights: The substitute mail carrier won’t even ring once. [Brooklynian via Daily Heights]
Upper East Side: A New York City public high school gets its act together, so it must be time to relocate. [Gotham Gazette]
Upper East Side: Woody Allen doesn’t have any problems with performances spaces; he’d just prefer that they not be in his neighborhood. [NYS]