Mark Foley on Screen; Brad Pitt in His Boxers

Before Mark Foley discovered IM, he discovered acting. (Straight to DVD, natch.) Brad Pitt is pissed he’s on the cover of Vanity Fair in rain-soaked skivvies. Angry Tiki Barber is retiring at the top of his game? Blame his wife! Lydia Hearst was denied entry to Scores, partied elsewhere. Sharon Stone backed out of a Children Affected by AIDS Foundation benefit over an ill-designed Barbie doll. Weatherman Dave Price might be the next host of The Price is Right. Bill Clinton sang “Happy Birthday” to his assistant. Elle Macpherson bought 200 iPods. Bette Midler threw a Halloween party; guests dressed up. A bunch of Truman Capote memorabilia is up for auction. For the love of God, “Page Six,” we get it: You guys beat the Daily News in circulation. Back to the real gossip, please?