Mom’s Art Makes Matthew Broderick Nostalgic for Old Greenwich Village


Young Woman Dancing With Her Dog, 1990Image: Tibor de Nagy Gallery

Matthew Broderick — owner, with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, of that perfectly maintained, multi-million-dollar brownstone around the corner from the Magnolia Bakery — is saddened by the moneyed gentrification of Greenwich Village. He’s been thinking about the Village of his youth — when he grew up a few blocks from where he lives now, on Washington Square North — after pulling together the catalogue biography for an upcoming show of work by his mother, Patricia, a painter who died in 2003, at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery. “It was definitely more bohemian,” he says of the old days. “Now it’s very cleaned up and a lot richer. It used to be a lot of fun — there was music, we played stickball. I’m making it sound like the thirties now. Oh, yeah, we played kick the can, we rolled our own cigarettes …” Patricia Broderick’s paintings, priced from $14,000 to $25,000, are mostly portraits and landscapes from that earlier Village era, and Matthew is finding them a bit tough to part with. “It’s upsetting,” he says. “The gallery just sold this painting of a naked woman dancing with a dog, and I always loved that painting, but I guess someone else did too.”

Emma Rosenblum

Tibor de Nagy Gallery [Official site]