Platt Reviews Hearst Cafeteria; Mag-Food Aficionados Rejoice


There’s a not insignificant population of this city that actually stops to consider the relative merits of magazine-company cafeterias. (We know, for example, that we need to try Hearst and the new second-string Condé at 750 Third, and that we really ought to recheck Time & Life, which we were always fond of but haven’t been to in years. Oh, and that some of the best shrimp cocktail you’ll ever eat comes at Newsweek-catered events.) These wacky folks (ahem) can tell you what’s good at one place and bad at another, who’s got the best prices, and — in the most extreme cases — on which days you’ll get which specials. So why shouldn’t there be professional critics reviewing these places, too? Finally, there are! On Grub Street, Adam Platt gives his evaluation of the new Hearst cafeteria, located in the Norman Foster–designed Hearst Tower, catered by Restaurant Associates, and boasting sushi every day. Is it enough to lure him away from 444 Madison and our little, beloved In-House Nosh Café? Click over to Grub Street to find out.

The Gobbler Visits the New Hearst Cafeteria, Finds Chiseled Cheekbones [Grub Street]