Smoked Versus Fried: You Make the Call!


I think that I shall never see / a foodstuff lovely as a deep-fried slider.Photo: Melissa Hom

You know you like smoked food. (Mmm … ribs; mmm … lox.) And you know you like deep-fried food. (Mmm … well, anything.) But it takes a craftily hungry mind like Grub Streeter Daniel Maurer’s to carefully consider a question you never would have thought to ask: Is the same bit of food better when smoked or deep-fried? Daniel enlisted two Park Slopers in his quest — Biscuit’s Josh Cohen smokes and ChipShop’s Chris Sell fries — and they’ve been testing everything from PB&J to sushi. And in this morning’s climax, they face off over White Castle sliders. Which method comes out on top? Take a ride on Grub Street’s Trans-Fat Express to find out.

Biscuit Battles ChipShop: Is PB&J Better Fried or Smoked?
Biscuit Battles ChipShop, Part Two: Is Sushi Better Fried or Smoked?
Biscuit Battles ChipShop, Part Three: Are White Castles Better Fried or Smoked?