Trumps, Trumped

A soused Ivana Trump had to be carried out of a recent party; friends think she’s drinking too much in general. The Donald, meantime, might get fined $250 a day by Palm Beach because his flagpole is too big. (That’s not a euphemism.) Also in Florida, Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne Wade argued over whose yacht is bigger. (That is also not a euphemism.) Ian Schrager is recovering from a bout of appendicitis and a collapsed lung, and is okay. Sumner Redstone offends Brandon Davis’s grandmother by preferring to eat with Larry King. Daily News EIC Martin Dunn skips a book party; “Page Six” is sure that’s because of circ numbers. (Did you hear? The Post’s were better.) Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon broke up after he cheated on her and she found incriminating e-mails on his BlackBerry. (Related: People continue putting incriminating things on handheld communication devices, stupidly.) Liz Smith’s “inside” track? “He’ll be just fine, and so will she.” Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert gave Maureen Dowd the cold shoulder. Someone accidentally took Joan Rivers’s purse. Someone intentionally took Suzy Menkes’s purse. Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend was disinvited from giving a speech to a bunch of Marines because he’s Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend. Courtney Love wrote a book, tries to sell it. Borat wants to write a book, may have trouble selling it. Some people observed the Day of the Dead on Upper Fifth Avenue. Cindy Adams wants her ashes sprinkled in front of Saks.