It’s Over, and It’s Over


• The Public Authorities Control Board gave its unanimous “yes” to Atlantic Yards. In the one change that might somewhat placate borough purists, Gehry’s Miss Brooklyn is now scaled down to below the Williamsburgh Savings Bank height. The big loser: Moynihan Station, sacrificed in exchange. [NYDN]
• Alan Hevesi is putting an end to the sorry spectacle his troubles became for the media: The beleaguered state comptroller will plead guilty and resign from office as part of the plea deal. [NYP]
• Just in time for Atlantic Yards: The city has approved a new tax break for developers that encourages them to build more lower-income housing in more areas. The Real Estate Board appears displeased, so Bloomie must be doing something right. [NYT]
• A cover of amNew York explores the outrage! that met the news of the record Goldman Sachs bonuses. (The cited instances of outrage appear limited to a harrumph from one City Council member, and a Post cartoon). [amNY]
• And the police finally I.D.’d the man they found wandering the streets of the Bronx two weeks ago; yesterday, we broke the case by suggesting that the cop-stumping inscription “G-A-R-F-I” on his pajamas might have something to do with the cartoon cat. Today, the NYPD claimed it was “teddy bears,” clearly to hide the former incompetence. For shame! [WNBC]