Murder, Blackmail, Larceny, Underage Drinking

• The first surveillance video of the 50-bullet Sean Bell shooting in Queens is out, and it doesn’t look good for the cops. A camera at a JFK AirTran terminal captures stray shots coming through windows and narrowly missing bystanders — including two Port Authority police officers seen diving for cover. [WNBC]
• New Jersey lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex civil unions. Though not unexpected (it was mandated by a court), the vote is still controversial; Governor Corzine’s stirring endorsement: “I think we’re doing the right thing.” [NYT]
• The Post enumerates the materials in the folder with which chauffeur Koral Karsan has been attempting to blackmail Yoko Ono, and it’s quite a list: a photo of Yoko in a “revealing nightgown,” copies of all her e-mails for 2006, and an audiotape of Karsan and Ono talking about Brokeback Mountain. [NYP]
• Donald Trump, one of the nation’s foremost arbiters of social propriety, says he will strip the current Miss USA of her title after learning of her underage drinking (she turns 21 next week).The takeaway here is not the drinking revelation but, rather, that the Donald has official power to strip beauty queens of anything he wants. [NYDN]
• And, you can die but you can’t leave Brooklyn: an enterprising morgue worker is under arrest for swiping a dead man’s wallet and, in a fit of tactical brilliance, using his debit card at an ATM across the street from the morgue. The man was caught soon after the widow noticed the otherworldly withdrawals. [amNY]