That’s Al, Folks


• Eliot Spitzer, in his waning days as attorney general, is set to release a “devastating indictment” of Alan Hevesi that will almost surely lead to the comptroller’s fast resignation, says the Post. Sources tell the tabloid that the AG report will also serve as the cue for a criminal case. [NYP]
• Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, before departing for Washington, got together with Spitzer for a “two-hour strategy session” to discuss, we don’t know, the Giants or something. Pundits tie the bustle to Barack Obama’s early presidential “maybe.” [NYDN, NYT]
• In a real-estate listing to end all listings, the penthouse triplex of the Pierre Hotel can be yours, ballroom and all. For $70 million. [NYT]
• There’s an E. coli outbreak in New Jersey, with about nineteen cases reported. Eleven of the victims had eaten at a Taco Bell in South Plainfield, which has since “voluntarily” closed. That’s strange; we didn’t know they served spinach. [amNY]
• And, in more before-breakfast news, Health Department inspectors are cracking down on illegal meats. Confiscated recently from various New York stores: armadillo fillets, iguana, cow lungs, “smoked rodent,” and — our favorite — “unidentified red meat.” [AP via Taipei Times]