On the Internet, They Still Know You’re Atoosa (Not That the Journey Music Is Helping)

Former Seventeen EIC Atoosa Rubinstein, who has famously brought solace to teen girls everywhere by never exiting her own awkward stage, officially pulled up stakes in the corporeal world today and incorporated Big Momma LLC, the first media empire to launch on a MySpace page. But what does a queen-teen mogul taking the Internet by storm look like, anyway? We headed over to her MySpace to witness the blazing possibilities, and we discovered, first, “Don’t Stop Believin’” and, second, that she’d posted the results of one of those auto-generated online personality polls:


Ouch! Pretty much junior high all over again, right? But don’t worry, ‘Toos. Your mom called the principal, and the Internet is totally getting a week of detention.

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