Yoko Catches Alleged Extortionist

Be careful about trying to extort money from Yoko Ono. A former bodyguard who allegedly attempted it was arrested this afternoon after the artist nabbed him in a sting operation. Ono’s bodyguard, identified by police as Koral Karson, was arrested for allegedly attempting to extort $2 million from her. The saga began on December 8, police sources said, when Karson allegedly passed Ono a note claiming he’d secretly obtained tape recordings of her conversations and would make them public if she failed to pay. After receiving the note, Ono contacted her lawyer, police said, who then contacted police, who arranged a phone-call sting involving Ono and Karson — a 50-year-old man of Turkish descent who lives in Amityville, authorities say — about making the payment yesterday. Karson has yet to be charged, and it’s unclear what was on the alleged recordings. —Geoffrey Gray

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