Breaking: Less Than Pure Ethics at the ‘Post’!

Conflict of interest alert! The Post’s state editor, Fredric U. Dicker, has been getting paid to make speeches by the New York Bankers Association. Citigroup’s head of wealth management, Todd Thomson, left the firm yesterday, perhaps because he flew his friends around too often on the corporate jet. The Bachelor’s Lorenzo Borghese is dating the show’s runner-up, but he also hit on Tinsley Mortimer’s sister Dabney. Jared Leto got angry and Sienna Miller partied with Diddy and Josh Hartnett at Sundance. Also, Jared Leto was not pleased to hear that fellow Scarlett Johansson pal Justin Timberlake was to perform at a party he was at. Jay McInerney and Anne Hearst celebrated their marriage in Palm Beach with a gaggle of society folk.

Marcel Vigneron of Top Chef gets beat up a lot, for reasons we can’t quite ascertain. Jennifer Aniston is going to make out with Courteney Cox on an upcoming episode of her new show, Dirt. Nick Lachey had a crush on Carmen Electra in high school. Brooklynites Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams might have gotten married on the sly. Judith Regan is back in New York after spending some time in Hollywood. Jamie Foxx loves funneling vodka down the gullets of female clubgoers. Henry Kissinger and Michael Eisner sat next to each other on a flight from LAX to JFK. Robert Redford wants to work with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Also, his daughter Amy has a movie coming out. Michael Madsen is so old-school he once smashed his cell phone with a hammer to facilitate his letter-writing. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, wrote a historical novel.