Businessman Giuliani Doesn’t Make Things Easy for Politician Giuliani


Photo: Getty Images

In the ever-growing field of potential presidential candidates, Rudy Giuliani is the one with the most embarrassing pals. (Or, if he isn’t, he certainly acts like it.) And we’re not even talking about the mustached electoral Kryptonite known as Bernie Kerik, necessarily; today’s Times has word that Giuliani is selling off some of his businesses for fear of being linked to unsavory clients. First on the block is Giuliani Capital Advisors, an exclusive investment bank that accounts for almost half of Rudy’s revenue flow. A source suggests that Giuliani is itching to distance himself from some of the firm’s clients before an aggressive opponent — perhaps the same one that found/stole his game plan? — finds out who they are. This leaves the ex-mayor’s mini-empire with two businesses — Giuliani Partners (which consults for some scandal-plagued companies) and law firm Bracewell & Giuliani (which represents “major polluters”). In short, as nominee backgrounds go, being a junior senator with almost no record suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

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