City Stinks of Gas

So apparently most of midtown stinks like a natural gas. The AP says Macy’s has been evacuated, and NY1 says PATH service up the Sixth Avenue line to 33rd Street is suspended. It stinks as far northeast as Rockefeller Center, and, according to the AP, as far west as Jersey City. Nobody knows why, but AP is hinting at a gas leak in Chelsea. If so, and if the smell’s traveling so far, that’s a lot of gas. So, uh, maybe you could refrain from lighting any matches? Thanks.

UPDATE, 12:50 pm.: The good people at Gothamist, who follow such things much more carefully than we do, suggest that the source of the smell is someplace in the West Village, that officials continue to have no idea what it is, but that, even so, Bloomberg assures New Yorkers that there’s nothing to worry about.

City Agencies Investigating Strong Gas Odor in Manhattan [NY1]
Gas-Like Odor Permeates Manhattan [AP via CNN]