Cleaning Up the Lower East Side

LES Filth

188 Suffolk St. gets a good wash. Photo: Trevor Little

Brooklyn Heights: Fishs Eddy is closing, but not until they sell everything in the store for 75 percent off. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]
Carroll Gardens: Brooklyn Yoga canceled its early-morning class. Where else to do the cobbler’s pose at dawn? [A Brooklyn Life]
Far Rockaway: Next time your cell phone dies at JFK, charge it in the terminal and thank Samsung. [NewYorkology]
Flatiron: Crayola-makers Binney and Smith have left the city for good. [Crazy Fingers via Blog Chelsea]
Lower East Side: It’s amazing what a little power washing can do. [Trevor Little via Gothamist]
Prospect Lefferts Gardens: What does rent control look like? Photos of Patio Gardens. [Sensei Oddsox via Across the Park]